Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Pouting for our Pooch

Our canine companion is in the hospital tonight. OK you can all say AWWEEE. Poor thing hasn't been feeling well for the last couple of days and we couldn't figure out what was wrong. She wimpered when we picked her up or she was hesitant to jump down off the chair. No matter how we tryed to figure out where she was hurt we could not pin point it. Job for the profesionals. We have a great vet. She is sweet and gentle with our dog and really takes the time to expain everything.
Apparently it is common for small dogs with longish bodies to have back problems. It would seem that our Shinooo may have a herniated disc. She is staying overnight in hospital for some xrays then cortizone shot and anti-inflamitory meds then tomorrow another xray to see if all is better. She is pretty sure that it will be ok with lots of rest in the next few days and that was basically what she was doing. Keeping quiet and laying still so she wasn't in pain.
The hardest part for me is having to leave her there. I know how pet owners are , they make others want to roll their eyes and say for god sakes , it's a dog sheesh! Well so be it. They really do become a part of the family.
We adopted Shinoo at the SPCA last dec. She was already 2 yrs old. She had been left there by a family who had small children who may have been bitten by her. Sometimes these pure breds are less patient or just her personality made for her being less tolerant of small hands pulling at her. They were adamant that if we had small children it wouldn't be a great idea to adopt her. Luckily my daughter is 14 and the clients here don't really interact with animals. We have not regretted adopting her one bit ever since. She is cuddly and smart and we love her to bits. Besides how many dogs do you know that let someone dye her pony tail and tail red? When we take her out with us she gets all the attention and loves it lol. We plan to send a card with a photo of her to the SPCA for xmas this year with a letter as if written by Shinoo herself to say hi to all and how her first year with her new family has been great. They had all become attached to her there because she was there for quite a few months before she was adopted by us. The xmas card will be a cute way to say thankyou for taking good care of her untill she had a permenant home with us.
Last august we took her into the vets office because she was constantly scratching . To find out that she was alergic to the late summer/fall pollen. I thought it was funny and so did Chris because he is alergic aswell. With todays visit Chris laughed when she told him about the herniated disc, only because Chris himself had a back operation years ago for the same problem. The vet went on to ask Chris if he had any other conditions the dog should know about lol. Chris came home to tell me that he thinks the poor dog will have gout next.
I miss our pooch and I hope she doesn't think we just left her there.......arg I gotta stop being a baby thinking about her. She will be right as rain tomorrow. I am posting a few pics we took this summer so you will all have the chance to say AWWWE.


Squirrels said...

Aweeeee How cute. I hope that she improves and gets better. I know its just an animal, but I am stuck taking care of all these animals the kids get. I talk to every one of them. All of them like me more than they do the kids. They seem to know who takes care of them. I hope she doesn't get gout. My hubby has gout Hubby says it painful. Had to take him to doctors today to get his hand checked out and get him a refill of his medicine for the gout. LOL
Well I hope your baby gets better!!!

Amanda said...

Moonie, i soooo know how you feel. When i had Ladybug the love pug fixed i couldnt bear to be away from her. I was there that afternoon to get her. I hope your puppy feels better soon!!!

Shannon said...

*insert shocked face here*

My shitty bitch is sick?!?!

*sounds of wails and screams can be heard emminating from behind the computer*

I love that lil punk dawggie!

I do so hope she gets better.

Hope you both are doing okay too.

And DAYUM Chris, I knew your ex was a bitch but I had no idea......... (sowwy *mad blush*)

Smooshies alla way round.

Rae said...

Aww poor lil pup..

I hope shes all better in no time Moon...she is such a cutie

Anonymous said...

Hey Ms Moon,
I hope your little one is home and jumping around, pain free, in no time. She was so patient with the kids when we were there this summer.
Did you leave a favorite blanket or something with her? That scent should reassure her you are coming back.
I would be sick if I had to leave my little one at the vets.
Will say a prayer that she is well and home soon.

Red Clover said...

Just think of how happy she'll be to see you again! >:D<