Friday, March 09, 2007


My mom and her husband Ben, finally got themselves a little dog to dote over. Her name is Sophie. She is what u call a Teacup Maltese. She is about 2lbs now but shouldn't get over 3 lbs in all. She is mostly a fluff ball mom says...she is tiny under all that fur.
My own two dogs, sent Sophie a nice little card welcoming Sophie into the family along with a very cute but tiny black collar with a sparkling rhinestone in the middle of a little bow.
Here are a cpl pics of Sophie...although under those I had to remind u all how cute my own dogs are lol.

Don't u just want to cuddler your nose in her fur??

Here are a few of my little the little house we got a few months back. We were sure the little Clochette would go in it more often then the bigger Shinoo, because she barely fits, but the opposite is true ...Shinoo is the one to curl up in there and only now because she does, the little one figures it must be a good thing so wants to go in now herself...but usually when Shinoo is in there lol,

Both are really bushy right now with it being winter. I let their fur grow as it's so cold outside. Come spring they will have a salon day and get all prettied up lol. But I do love the bushy look...they keep me warmer that way lol.

This last photo, is one of my favorites. It was taken last fall, less bushy lol. But this basically shows where they are usually sitting. The black thing u see there is my knee. They jump up and find their place sitting against my leg and the arm of the chair. Sometimes Clochette is ontop of Shinoo or like this time, Shinoo has her head resting on Clochette...ahhh its bliss when on mommy.

If I had an idian name it would be '' WHERE SLEEPING DOGS LYE''


Bess said...

What sweethearts!! I really want a dog, but I'm worried about having enough time to take care of one properly. It's so sad when people leave their pets alone all day and then ignore them when they are home, and then don't know why their animal is neurotic and has behavior problems. How much time do you spend taking care of your cuties? Are they a lot of work?

Anna said...

Sophie is adorable, she needs one of those little houses too.

When I come visit again you'll still have to hide Shinoo :) and Clochette too!


moon said...

Bess, I totally agree with u many dogs are starved for affection. Since I work from home they are always happy lol...either sitting on me or sleeping with us ontop of the bed or just playing with eachother...Care, yes, since both have meds to take..Clochette is epileptic, but meds prevent siezures YAY!..and Shinoo has alergies takes meds for that...oy vey...but they are so special and a joy to have. A well trained dog can be left alone for those who work, my sister has a dog and has to leave the house..he has his spot and stays there..but when she is home, her and her hubby dote on him. But he does obedience training and is a very well behaved dog because of it. But like sis says, play time is very important. I hope my long winded comment answered your question lol, if not, give me your phone number lmao!