Friday, March 02, 2007


Today, Friday March 2/ 07....a snow storm hit us ealy morning around 5am . We were expecting it. Chris left for work at aprox 6:30 took him about an hour to only 10 klms ( less in miles). He saw that it was getting alot worse very fast so just turned around. YAY!..

So, he called in as I am sure most did today. Took his clothes off and snuggled back into bed. BLISS!!! AHHHH. We got a few more hours of sleep. hehe.

The photo above are the tracks made by the Fedex guy. He delivered my bday present from my sister Brigitte. She went to China last month. She got me some black pearl earings and a beautiful Pashmina. THANKS SIS!

As I was getting dressed for my treadmill stint..he was sitting at the pc with his coffee just behind me.

I do a good 25 minutes on there, while watching tv. Helps the time go by but somehow I felt like Chris wasn't busy on the pc or watching tv. I turned to notice my pervert was watching my ass! ....OMG... don't u have something else to do!?....

''Nope.....It doesn't get better then this hehe.''

Blushes aside...I figure as long as my husband likes what he's a great thing lol.

BTW I am now down 23lbs. As soon as it's been 25 I will post some photos. There won't be a big difference but there will be a subtle one.


I took these photo's today...when Chris was out shovelling. I have more in the Flikr if u want to go have a look.

He is still smiling lol. Although he had to go out later today to do it all over again. Not as much but it's still coming down.
BTW, most schools were off today anyway for the start of study week. So today and all next week most school are closed. I bet some were bumbed they couldn't use a SNOW DAY for an ACTIVE school day lol.

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The Witch Doctor said...

*waves at Chris while he shovels*

we've been having crazy snow eh?
been sucking large...

can't wait til it just stops...