Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Here I am as promised. Took this photo yesterday on my birthday..wearing the Pashmina my sister got me from China. Isn't it pretty?...Now for the other photo's...I look like I was posing for mug shots but frankly, it's not easy to smile when u are getting full body shots of yourself lol...I didn't want to smile for the face pics either , because I have chipmunk cheeks lol...I want to be able to tell with time if my face gets thinner.

Now once I saw these photo's side by side...I know where I have lost weight but it's not very discernable to look at them honestly. Yesterday when I took the second set, I was down ,just shy of 24lbs...but today I have lost 26.5lbs...go figure..So although u can't see a huge difference..I am glad I will have this photo record to look back on anyway. I purposely put the same clothes on for both sets.

Basically yes I have lost 25lbs in these photos but at my size, the best anology to use is, it's like LOOSING A DECK CHAIR ON THE QUEEN MARY!! lmao

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