Thursday, March 29, 2007


My friend Sue tagged me with this. Now normally I have always refused to do any kind of meme on my blog. This is actually the first time in 3 yrs of having my blog that I have consented to doing one.

I figured, 5 things...that should be short and easy. I was wrong. 5 is alot when u have been writting in your blog for 3 years lol, When I actually thought about it, I had to scratch my head more then once.

1- I left home at the age of 16. Worked my way across Canada trying to get as far away from family as possible...(KIDDING MOM) it just happened that way.

2- Almost got myself killed in Mexico, (NOT KIDDING MOM) long story short, wrong place wrong time...I used my head and can write about it now.

3- Used to be a hairdresser in a salon in Alberta, when I came out east I first lived in Toronto. One of my regular clients/friend actually paid for my return flight to go back to Alberta to perm and cut his hair......I stayed and partyed with my friends a week and flew back lol..His perm/haircut had cost him aproximately $600 ...this was about 22 yrs ago. (MOM DIDN'T RAISE A STUPID GIRL, SO I WENT)

4- I once sang in a Coffee House in Toronto. A bluezy song with my friend acompanying me on his guitar. It went over well. (GOT MY SINGING VOICE FROM MOM...HER WHOLE FAMILY IS MUSICAL)

5- Last but no least...I have always been odd in that my body is what some called double jointed (this doesn't exist but it's a term often used) I can pop out my hip or my arm from their sockettes, u can actually hear it or if u have your hand there, u can feel it lol...I KNOW I'M A FREAK...(hmm, seems I've been proving that more and more lately)
Anyway, I have always been able to do weird stuff. My head does the Egyptien but can also move around with face forwards ofcourse in a way that looks like it's not attached to my neck lol, I scares small children lol. Everyone freaks when they see me do it. It's hard to explain unless I did it for u. (MOM, THIS IS PARTLY YOUR FAULT, YOU BORE ME)

If anyone has noticed a reoccuring theme here...well, my MOM aka (MAMAN to us) has become one of my biggest blog fans. She hasn't ventured into comment mode yes as she is a slow 2 finger typer still. I am proud of her though, up untill recently she had no idea how to turn a computer on. BRAVO MAMAN!


JustSue said...

I am glad you decided to take up the challenge and do this...I didn't find it easy either, but I certainly found out some new and interesting things about you my friend!

And a warm welcome to Moonie's Mom!

Anna said...

I traveled to Montreal and got a haircut! You did a great job by the way Monette, when is my next appointment? I wanna see the head thing when I get there, sounds cool.


Now that we all know you're a freak it explains a lot of things, like why you love me!


Shelly said...

Hi. I really like your blog. Was wondering if you want to add it to my directory? Thanks Shelly

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