Thursday, March 22, 2007


FINALLY got stitches removed today but nurse Crachette deamed it necissary to put on another bandage. It had been so itchy that I asked her what the tape was that they had put on there under the gauze. When she showed me I told her I was alergic to that kind, no wonder it itched. She said that it was impossible, because it was hypoalergenic...well duh, some ppl are still alergic to it.

I told her that I had the same tape on my stumach after surgery and had gotten all red around the edges and even blisters by the tape in places. She still insisted and put the same kind of tape back on my scar after she removed the stitches....Really, why listen to the's not like WE would know anything!!

Thankfully I asked her if they had a Derma bandage to put over all, because I know they are waterproof...I use them for Luke when he has skin problems, and still bath him. Good thing I asked, she said she would use that instead (all be it over the damn tape she used)...they are like a second skin. Otherwise I would have been unable to shower till monday...duh!! She then finally said, if I itch some more to remove ..and also replace the derma bandage atleast till sunday YAY!... I haven't even seen the scar yet. Looking forward to finally having a look lol.

Still prohibited from lifting anything, like weights or small children etc but tomorrow I can jump back on the treadmill. I so missed the hum of the sliding rubber under my

As for last first followup since surgery went well. I first saw the nurse who weighed me.
Then saw the Dr...not my surgeon but his partner. We both asked and answered some questions, took all of 10 minutes...all is going well, yada yada. Come back in 2 months.
Then waited for nutritionist...he was very interesting...and well worth the long wait between each person to see. I had a few questions about cereals without sugar and such...they ALL have sugar it seems, so wanted to know what was recommended. I have been so scared of sugar because of the dumping syndrome.

He explained that I can still have some sugar...I actually need it. Whether it be by carbs transformed into sugar or real sugar in things...we need it for energy. As good as substitute sugars are, he also doesnt want ppl to only rely on that. The key to maintaining weight loss was eating moderate amounts of my surgery only allows a certain amount of intake, it is even more important to eat 6 meals a day. I was only getting in about 4...but because of that, the motor slows down. It's better to eat more often, to keep motor running rather then less...oddly enough one can lose more weight by eating more.

Why?.... Because...the key is eating every 3 hours...for normal ppl, (without surgery) but every 2 hours for me. We should eat or have our snack , before we get hungry rather then wait untill we are. That way, each meal becomes more preportionate.. rather then feeding the hunger and eating more then we should. We should all have 3 meals and 3 snacks...when we do that vigilently, we actually tend to eat better foods. When we don't and feed the hunger, our own body askes for high fat; fries, chips, hamburgers, fast food etc. It's a totally normal phenominon...our brains tell us to grab those, to fill the hunger. When we eat more often, we can actually eat more, but our brain will look towards veggies and better foods.

It's not easy to get into that habit at first but when u make the effort, over time, the clock kicks in and the body looks for those snacks and meals. Even a person like me can have a little piece of chocolate cake once in awhile, when eating properly and proportionately over time.

It made alot of sense and it was encouraging even. So, I am trying to get all my meals in...even if they are smaller size, they are still going to make the motor run smoother.

We should all eat that way. Hard to believe that one could eat more and loose weight just by being consistant through the whole day. Many tend to eat less mornings and more as day goes by, so they are making the motabolism store food because its to little, then too much later in the day...the body has to fight harder to burn the excess eaten when we are to hungry, so that excess actually turns to fat. I hope I made this understandable. Sorry if it just sounds like gobbledeegoop lol.

Next week I go back to see the Gynocologist...yay...NOT. Since I have a problem keeping iron in my system (since atleast 2 yrs before surgery) I am always enemic. Last month the gyno, had me try a keep my period from being so heavy, one of the reasons I have low iron levels..even when taking suppliments. So I tryed this hormone by pill form to start in order to see if it takes well to me. I take it on 14th day of cycle for 10 days. So last month I start. By about the 4th day of being on it...I found myself being very curt, impatient, bitchy..when I paused and though...WHY THE HELL? and realized I had been that way for last few days, since I started taking it.

I mean......BITE THE HEADS OFF KITTENS....BITCHY!...Poor Chris...he has been very patient. There have been some months that PMS happens but not often, and not that bad. This is not the same. I asked my fam doc when I saw her a cpl weeks ago if that hormone could be the cause, and she said, absolutely.
The gyno wanted to continue that med if it worked but by giving me an IUD that had the hormone imbedded in it that would be released as the system needs it. I already didnt like the idea of an IUD...never have. So I think I will pass. I also had 2 days less of my period, so it did it's job in terms of that but I much prefer going back to 2 more days of my period, then 10 days of wanting to bitch slap anyone in my path while foaming at the mouth....

When I mentioned that last statement to Chris, all he said in a desperate voice was ''THANK YOU!''.....I think he wanted to fall on the floor and kiss my feet but he restrained himself lol.

SO...the Gyno will have to go back to the drawing board. Or DIE trying lol.


kenju said...

Sounds like you are doing well, and you sure haven't lost your sense of humor!

I am going to try eating more often and see if I can lose weight..LOL

lab munkay said...

No easy thing what you have been through. You are one tough lady.