Sunday, March 18, 2007



Sponge baths are certainly better then nothing but there's nothing like a shower to make u feel clean. I have my first surgery follow up tomorrow. I am looking forward to seeing exactly what they will do. I believe there will be a weigh in and measurements taken etc.

I have lost 32.5 lbs as of today.

I also needed to get my hair washed. Leaning over the kitchen sink position would pull to hard on the stitches so....

We pulled out the saran wrap and duct tape. Chris taped the saran wrap over my bandage and we jumped in the shower. YES WE ARE WILD AND CRAZY ...all that was missing was handcuffs and babyoil? ....NOT!

So with the help of my sexy wet frenchman, I washed my hair while he held down the seams of the ducttape at the base of my neck. Soaped everything up and VOILA...

OMG I feel clean!!

Only 4 more days till my stitches are removed. He better not stick a new bandage on it and tell me not to get it wet..I swear I will lose it and start screaming so the ppl in the waiting room think he is torturing me.

I will post after tomorrow. Let u know what the follow up visit is all about.


kenju said...

I hope he lets you shower now! I have a friend who is in the same position now; she had surgery and cannot shower until the stitches are out. She is about to scream! and I would be too. Good luck with the doc!

reesie said...

Saran and duct tape, you're gettin kinkier everyday moonie!! LOL, good luck with the dr's appt!

JustSue said...

Congrats @ 32.5 lbs! You have officially overtaken me, but I am still plodding on determinedly...and cheering you on with your progress to date!!

Anna said...

That post brought back memories...I have so done the saran wrap thing before!

I'm glad the follow up appointment went well hon. I'm sorry I haven't been around much lately but trust me I check in when I can and you're always in my thoughts.


ramona said...

Yay for being down 32.5 lbs!
Yay for the shower! Very inventive BTW
Yay for no more hump!
Yay for sexy husbands!
You must be feeling like a million bucks.
BTW I noticed your hair colour in that one pic, very nice. I like.