Tuesday, March 06, 2007


OK, That's all I am posting for now, I will post more after another 25lbs has dissappeared. We will see a bigger difference then atleast lol.


cindy wilson said...

Glad to see the pics. Keep up the good work. Can't wait to see more. Oh by the way how do you keep that pic at the top on your blog? I added the pic of dancing on the moom but it goes down as I post and won't stay in the same place. What size are going for and what did the doc tell you what weigh you should be losing. take care


Anna said...

The Pashmina is beautiful and so are you!

You can totally see a difference in your bum area and you can tell in your face as well, you look great hon.

I'm glad you had a good birthday.


JustSue said...

So thrilled for you...keep up the good work! I can see a difference in your face/neck for sure. Fingers crossed I get over my current 24lb plateau hurdle shortly and join you approaching the 30lb mark! Congrats!!

Kathey said...

You look fantastic! It just seems like yesterday that you had the surgery and although the difference seems minor at this point I can really tell from the "derriere" (sp?) picture. Keep up the great work. I'm terribly green with jealousy!



kenju said...

It is great to see photos of the progress, Moon, and progrress there is! I am so proud of you. I wish I had your determination. I only need to lose 12 lbs., but to me it might as well be 100.

Squirrels said...

Oh you look good no matter what. You are going to get so teeny, tiny. And I am still going to be big and fat. I couldnt do that operation. Not enough cash or anything. Have to just starve to loose mine. I think you looking great!!! And younger too!!! 21 like me. LOL>