Monday, March 26, 2007


I went to exercise my civic duty by voting this evening, here in our Quebec election. I was not able to do so. Why? Because my name was NOT on the voters list!!

I have since written the letter below and sent it to the CTV NEWS and CBC NEWWORLD websites. I just needed to voice my frustration. It may not be heard but I sure felt good writting it.

I hope someone does a story on this in the media because someone fucked up!!

I am sure I am just one of many, certainly in my riding to have gone to vote and been shocked to know they were NOT on the voting list! I am more then incensed. When I was not on the list, they directed me to the verification table. Again, not on the list...what was more alarming is that they said I was aproximately the 32nd person to have the same problem!!..At this one voting station!!


I was told to call the 1-800-ELECTION number. One of the persons at the verification table was even kind enough to write the number down on a slip of paper for me (I later found the number was INCORRECT!) explaining why it did not work. Then, I myself did 411..and was given the Mascouche Bureau de Scrutin...called there to be told again...HMMM not on Quebec CITY office bla bla...did that to be told again I was not on the list and could do NOTHING about it.

I could almost understand all this if I had moved recently, or never voted before but ....I have lived at the same address since aug 2001...before that I lived in the same town since 1991...I have also just renewed my liscense and medical card in excuse. I have voted in almost every election held in the last 16 yrs from the same town.

We recieved 2 cards with our voting station on it. ONe was with my husbands name on it. The other was for (resident) so I just figured I could bring that one in, given I have been in the system all these yrs anyway...(listing reasons above)

The real kicker here is husband has been a Canadian Citizen since only last Aug. 2006...originally from France...and he got to vote and I didn't!!!


(EDITED ;....I added on a short paragraph to this letter as part of my formal complaint to the Elections Quebec Office. )

This letter is my formal complaint...I want answers...Sorry doesn't cut it. I am one of MANY by the the looks of it, who were refused the right to vote. We pay taxes and my name is found easily to pay my municiple taxes twice a year...Why was my name absent from a list it had always been on previously?....I WANT TO KNOW WHY?....With all the close calls in the electoral race, I would bet that if thousands of people were not able to vote based on the fact that 32 ppl in my polling station alone were refused and the stories I have heard on TV and radio since..there are a few ppl who may not infact be elected!
I have sent this letter to the Gazette Montreal, CTV NEWS AND CBC NEWSWORLD.
I am not done venting about this untill I get some answers!

PS...A reporter called me today from the Gazette Montreal...took some notes etc. At least I got a call back. He wasn't sure if any of it would be published but he said he would keep me posted. Who knows...I think I have done pretty much what I can at this point.


Anna said...

Looks like I wasn't the only one having voting issues and I live in a different country all together.

The last election (not the one held last month but the one before) they changed the polling place without informing anyone. No notices were sent out, nothing posted anwhere, nothing at all. They've held it at the same place(a school)for as long as I can remember, heck I was a child and my parents voted there. They sent me on a wild goose chase, went to the park district then to the firehouse and the library...nothing so you guessed it I didn't get to vote that election year. I was pissed to say the least but I got over it.

This past election they actually sent us a card with the polling place listed. Take a wild guess as to where it was held? Bet you can't guess....

A car dealership! That's right folks a place where cars are sold is now the new and improved polling place. What I hear is they pay these people to use their space. Explain to me why using a public place that is already being paid for by tax dollars isn't good enough anymore? I'll tell you why, some really smart white guy in a suit found another way to line someone else's pockets and is probably getting a kickback. I digress, there was no parking available at the car dealership so after driving around the block a few times I decided to pull into their showcase area where all the new cars were and left my mini-van there and went in and voted!

Sorry you didn't get to vote hon, I know how it feels. I hope they get it straightened out for next election. It totally sucks though.


kenju said...

That must have been really frustrating for you, especially since your husband got to vote. I'm sorry, and I hope you get that fixed soon.

cindy wilson said...

You go girl!!!!!