Monday, March 12, 2007


Tomorrow I have another surgery to go through. No worries, it's a very minor one but I'm not looking forward to it by any means.

It will be local, so only frozen ACK!...I was less aprehensive about the big surgery then this one, only because I knew I would be out cold for it lol. I know ...very silly.

I have a large lump/hump, behind my neck/ started out very subtle..and has slowly grown over the last 3 yrs. It is apparently a sort of fat deposit..many ppl get them, and they can be anywhere. Luckily my hair has always been long enough to cover it up. I never tie up my hair though, it's to apparent. Up till now it's not been a big issue..I always had the intention of having it removed but now sooner then later.

I have started having a sore neck/shoulder area because of it, so it's now time.

But mostly, I have lately had the overwhelming urge to drag a leg behind me when I walk . I also feel the need to rasp ''MASTAAA'' in a lispy voice. Yes Mastaaa, No Mastaa....where's the bell Mastaa?

So as of tomorrow, the hunch back of Moon's house will be no more.

The good news is I will probably lose a whole lb tomorrow haha. Yes, its quite substancial. It should take about 30 minutes in all the doctor said. I am so NOT looking forward to it. Even if logically I know I won't feel anything, I will hear it all, and that kinda freaks me out.

So tomorrow morning around 9:30am..I will be in the operating room...getting a lb of flesh ripped off me...and I wasn't even a bad girl!! How's that for fair!

Wish me luck..or just pray I don't whine like a baby......for Chris' sake.

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cindy wilson said...

I don't alway comment but I do visit your blog regularly, just to check in to see how your doing. I wish you luck with your lump surgery. Yeah I had mole removed some years ago just by local and it wasn't too bad at all, think happy thoughts while thats going on and everything will be fine.
Hugs and kisses