Tuesday, March 13, 2007


YAY! It's done!....The bells will tole no longer!

As I was brought into the room by the nurse to change, the 2 nurses wanted to see my *hump* and were both surprised at it's size to which I replied, I am the hunchback of Montreal. They thought that was funny and as I was changing I heard them tell the surgeon who laughed heartily in the operating room waiting for me.

As I nervously made my way towards the operating table, I told them all, I had to get this done as I had started to have the urge to drag a leg behind me when I walk...They all cracked up and I felt abit more at ease by trying to be goofy to cut down on my nervousness.

The doc let me know step by step what he was doing. He drew a nice circle on my back, outlining the *hump* then proceeded to freeze the area with a needle all around. It stung quite alot...everytime he stuck me with it but half way around the circle he drawn, it subsided.

He explained that I would feel preasure here and there as he worked to liberate the *problem*. I honestly didn't feel anything..the freezing was doing a great job. However I could feel my body shake and I felt dizzy and told him so but he assured me it was caused by my own anxiousness. He kept me talking as he poked and proded.

At one point, given it's mass....I could feel his foot on my back as he gruntingly used a whalehook to pry it's gurth from me, with both nurses pulling on him for more leverage!


But I did feel at one point he was proding alot lol. He explained that he had to make sure there was nothing left to better prevent it from coming back. I wanted to see what he removed oddly enough. As he was stitching me up he passed the bowl to the nurse to show me. Yes it was gross but I just had to see. Call me weird. It was just alot of fatty tissue, I would say more then half a lb even.

He did 3 layers of stitches. the 2 inner layers are the melting kind ofcourse but I have to go back next week Thursday to have the outer ones removed. They have totally bandaged everything up with a sticky plastic cover over all that I have to keep on untill I go back ARG!... No shower, can't get it wet. Washcloth baths and I will have to wash my hair in the sink untill then.

The good and the bad news is that the doc totally prohibited any excersise untill then. Although, part of me was glad I had an excuss to not get on the treadmill...I did express surprise that I had to wait so long. He explained that with all the stitches inside and out, it was imparative that I do no physical activity as to not pull on the muscles and tissues so even fast walking was physical.

So thankfully today I lost atleast half a lb of fat without trying to hard lol.

It all took less then 30 mins. I was abit on the shaky side nonetheless. Chris and I went out for breakfast and ran a few errands. Payed bills etc.

We then stopped off at the store where I get my facial stuff. I had received a 2 for 1 coupon from them for my bday. I have never been a person who creams her face everyday like I should but since the surgery I have been good about it. Only because I know I need to keep my skin hydrated to keep elasticity as I am losing weight at this rate. I have such dry skin since surgery, probably due to less intake and winter season combined. I got some good advise on products better suited for me now and the great part was the 2 for 1 was applied to ALL the products I bought. I got 3 in all and a second one of all 3 for free!!...I am set for a long time now.

By noon, we were both pooped. Niether one of us slept much last night. We got home and had to have a nap. Amazing how a silly little surgery can totally ring you out. Glad I was able to get some stuff done today anyway. I am in some pain since that the freezing has worn off so Tylenol is my friend right now.

Chris is my hero, always by my side, whether it be my sleepless body next to him worried about the next day always thinking to much or waiting for me in a waiting room holding my coat. Luckily he was able to take today off. Now I am just looking forward to getting this already annoying bandage off.


kenju said...

A relatively easy way to lose weight, no? I hope the incision heals quickly, Moon. You are changing so much!

JustSue said...

Glad to hear everything went well...and omg ur too funny with the whole "hunchback of Montreal" skit!

Get well soon hun!

cindy wilson said...

Happy to hear that you came through with flying colors. You are such a funny person. I just love it....


Happy St Patrick's Day