Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I was really looking forward to seeing my family doctor. Last time I saw her was in Nov. She knew I was getting the surgery , so I couldn't wait to give her some details and see the results from the thourough bloodwork I went for 2 weeks ago.

I really like my doctor...she is great. She is always running late but only because she takes the time she needs with her patients. We may have to wait longer then most but I never mind because I know she will take the time for me when it's my turn also.

She was happy to see me...since I have had diabetis I have seen her on average every 3 months...with a bloodwork just before. She is always ontop of anything . This time she was amazed at the differences apparent after less then a month since surgery.

We went over all the perscriptions I used to have to take....9 in all!...Since surgery there were a few I couldnt take for 2 weeks after (orders from surgeon) and my diabetis meds I stopped myself when my numbers went way down. She looked at all my logs and said I did perfectly in gaging when I could stop and with levels I am doing great! So...all of 27 days after surgery I have gone from taking 9 perscriptions per day to ...

......DRUM ROLL.........


I have a bunch of new vitamins to take now ofcourse but thats ok lol..they are NOT perscriptions. Also, in 3 months when I go back, we may be able to cut one more perscription off. I will always have to take the med for my thyroid though..thats for life. But hey its a tiny pill, easy to swallow so I can live with that lol.

She was so thrilled, and told me more then once how proud she was of me. I don't care how old we get in our lives...when you doc says they are proud of you, it just makes u beam lol... She even wanted all the details about the surgery itself..I had meant to bring her a page with a picture on it that I printed off the website but forgot...she could always check it our herself but she is very busy. She had me draw out the anatomy of the surgery on a piece of paper lol...she was really interested. She was so happy I had gone through with it and like other doctors have said over and over again how all the benefits from it are amazing and cost affective in the long run. Something the government hasn't wanted to understand yet.

I have lost 20lbs so's slower then I would like but I have been getting on the treadmill everyday now for the last week. I am thinking that I may be building up some muscle because of it. Muscle weighs more then fat.'s slow but working lol.

My pants still fit. The waist is not cutting into me anymore, they actually fit well...but wow, where my thighs used to fill them....they are totally loose...I swear that the whole 20lbs came off my thighs!!! They flap in the wind, it feels good. ....Let my rephrase that...the PANTS flap in the wind when I walk...NOT my THIGHS!... When I reread that sentence it just sounded WRONG!

(OK, I heard that thought!...I the time I lose as much as I hope, the thighs very well might be flapping in the wind lmao!!....) I will cross that windmill when I get there!

So...a better bill of health already...and getting better.

This just before my 44th bday coming up this Monday.

Guess where we are going?....Same place we went last year. Where u may ask?...Well...last yr for my bday we went to the casino. It turned out to be luck was so good we had hours of fun playing with won money and even came home with 900$ lol.

We told ourselves we would do the same thing for my next bday...if I am as lucky...heck, we can make it a tradition. We never go over our set amount ...but if we win, we play longer.

Can't wait!


cindy wilson said...

Hey flapping thighs or not your health is getting better. I am so proud of you going through with this. Keep up the good work. You have encouraged me to think about getting on my exercise bike(as You know I said think LOL)Glad you could come off most of your medication.

Give me numbers to Lottery if your that lucky I could be a millionaire by now. LOL

With Lots of Love

PS I really loved the motorcycle ride that you forwarded me several weeks ago.

JustSue said...

The feeling of clothes that used to be snug, suddenly being roomier is fantastic! It's the one thing that keeps me motivated (seeing as I have plateaued this week...grrrr).

Early birthday greetings for Monday Moonie! >:D<

ramona said...

Congrats on the 20lb weight loss!
I'm glad that your pants are flaping in the wind...that is great.
I wish you a very, very happy birthday!

The Witch Doctor said...

I'm so proud of you Moon...
I know I'm not the only one, but I just had to say it...

I can't wait til you don't have to take any meds ;)

love ya hun

keep up the good work... *hugs*

kenju said...

Moon, that is great news! Losing the weight slowly is the best way, isn't it? That means you'll be able to keep it off easier. Good for you!

Anna said...

I'm so glad that you're doing so well and I bet the best part is not having to rely on medication to be healthy anymore!

Don't worry about how fast or slow you're losing it hon, actually slower might be better than super fast especially since you're working out too. You're body can tighten up more that way I'd guess, less drag for later...and maybe even no flapping thighs.


Bess said...

Yep, I just love the feeling of my thighs flapping in the wind. :) Actually, that reminds me: I used to be very lazy about shaving my legs in the winter, and there's something about the feeling of the breeze through your leg hair that's actually very sensual. I said that to a friend once and got the weirdest look from them, but it's true.

Glad to hear that your doctor is so supportive -- and that your health has been so good. :) Have fun on your birthday!!

kelley said...

just wanted to say congrats...