Wednesday, February 14, 2007


SORRY...It's been awhile but this time it's not due to my sheer laziness. My computer decided to have some major issues. Took Chris endless tweeking to even enable me to access my own blog. Even worse...I lost all my favorites! EVERYTHING from cool sites to my whole blog list. It will take me a while to get u all back...the good thing is I can get some of you back from direct comment links...I have a few blog ppl who never comment so if you could just take a moment to say a quick hello..I will get u back lol.

I also want to wish a HAPPY VALENTINES../..BONNE ST. VALENTIN to all.
Chris and I already decided that it would be a lean one, given the expense of my surgery, we are very tight to say the least...but it was the greatest gift of all....that being said...he went out this morning before I got up so that when I came upstairs I would enjoy the site of a beautiful bouquet of roses on the table...what a guy.

As for moi.....I got my staples out this week....My visions of a burly nurse with her foot on my stumach holding a pair of pliers...was a bit over exagerated in reality lol....In fact it was almost painless....only one of my 5 incisions put up a fight..ironically it was the smallest of the 5 lol.

She then put that yellow disinfectant on them and more of that tape that remains for days...she said 10 but I told her..if they start to peel next week can I cheat and remove them...shhhhhh don't tell anyone...she said yes.

The best part was seeing my friend Phébé again...we were able to catch up and after we both saw our surgeon we had lunch together. was cottage cheese but still lunch lol. I really enjoyed talking with her again. We hope to see eachother again soon. Lucky for me she has a brother living not far from me so next time she comes to see him ...I get to steal some of his time while she comes over to my house for a visit.

If I count the weight I lost on the Optifast date I have lost 18lbs in all. It's not a huge amount but enough to feel more comfortable in my clothes.

The awesome result is that within 4 days of surgery....I have been able to stop taking my diabetis pills all together! That is outstanding....I used to take 3 x 500mg per day. Now I am not taking any. Now some of you may thing...whoaaaaa.....thats dangerous yada yada. Let me assure u that I have been checking my levels 6....yes 6 times a day. Writting it all down in the log book. When its at a certain number ...if I were to take it, it would cause a too low result. I have been very careful and vigïlant. I will also be seeing my family doc in 10 when she puts my little glucometre in her machine it will give her a whole print out at my results along with my own written log. I also went for a whole series of blood work yest she will have all those results when I go to see her.

I am feeling great that some of my meds are not needed. I also started taking my whole batch of perscribed vitamins . We were to start them only 2 weeks after surgery.

So things are looking good. My clothes are feeling better...and I look forward to them actually falling off lol.

My mom and sister went through a bunch of their clothes for me. Packed a huge box of diff sizes they had....they are alot smaller then me btw. I know it will be many lbs before I fit any of them but they will really come in handy when I I don't have to buy much in transition. My sister asked me the other day if I had sorted through them yet. I told her no.

She was like.....WHAT?...YA LAZY

I told her that I was savouring it.....I am keeping it till I feel I deserve it in a way. She doesn't really get it but it's like this. .....As long as my own clothes fit me...there is no need for anything smaller....when that happens I will feel like I have gotten to the next point. THEN I can break open the box and sort through the diff sizes......I know already that there is NOTHING in that box that will fit me now anyway lol.

So the big box sits in my bedroom , waiting till I decide it is the right time to enjoy the next step.

Call me me me a lazy bitch lol but you can't call me impulsive...this time anyway lol.

Hugs to my friends...who have been patient


Elizabeth said...

Glad to hear from you! Sorry to hear you're having computer problems, but everything else sounds like good news! :) I like your idea to wait to sort through your "new clothes" -- it sounds like a good way to savour each step that you take. :) That's amazing that you haven't needed to take your diabetes meds, too. I hope you keep up all the good healing!! :)

Anna said...

Wow, already off the diabetic pills, that's amazing hon. I'm so happy to hear that and 18 pounds is a huge amount in such a short time.

You'll be in that box sooner than you think. I'm so proud at how well you're doing, following the doctor's orders and being careful with your meds and levels. It's so much harder to do than people think.

Happy Valentines Day to you too sweets.


JustSue said...

Chris is such a romantic!

Congrats on being able to drop the diabetes meds so early! Fabulous news!

As far as the box of clothes are concerned, I totally understand your reasoning. But don't leave it too long. A) because it's nice to find a particular outfit that you can't wait to get into (added incentive) and B) if you wait too long and you are "swimming" in your old clothes you may find one or two items in the box are already "too big"!

OMG....doesn't that sound great? When you can turn to Chris and say (in a whiney voice of course)....Honey I have NOTHING to's all TOO BIG!


Hugs hun!

kross-eyed kitty said...

18 lbs!!! That's fantastic!
Glad to hear that you are well on the mend. And those clothes will come in handy sooner than you think!

taslle said...

Wow your moving fast girl, it will just keep melting off. Hope things are still going great. I hear there is an energy loss that comes a couple of weeks after the surgery when your body finally relaizes it is not going to get that energy back. Hopefully this is the reason you haven't posted since the 14th. Love you and talk with you soon I hope.

kenju said...

Here's my direct link, Moon. I am glad to know that you are okay. When you go that long between posts - I start to wonder.