Monday, February 05, 2007


The first evening...when I was finally able to get up..I was shakey at best. With a huge 6foot something orderly at my side helping me push my IV pole around. As I shuffled along like a dunk turtle with arthritis I could not help but notice a lady aproximately my age, doing laps around the nurses station at the speed of light compared to me lol.

Many polite smiles as she wizzed by me with the wheels of her IV pole leaving flames behind her lol. I barely able to crack a smile for fear of hurting more. I thought to myself...Dude..if she had the same surgery as me today...I WANT WHAT SHE'S HAVING!

Sleepless night later...spending as much time as I could sitting up to help get the CO2 moving AWAY from my insides. I got up a few short times in the night.

It made a difference. Later that morning I was just a turtle..not drunk or arthritic thankfully. It must have showed because as I was walking by the room belonging to the IV drag racer. She was sitting up and saw me and said....Oh you look so much better today.

Smiling more easily now...I popped into her room. She was rooming with another younger woman probably in her 20's. We exchanged obvious info about surgerys. They had both had the Banding done. Hense her ability to zip by me the night before. Still done by laprascopy but less invasive. Was not surprising I was so much more out of it having had the whole gastric bypass.
They were both allowed to leave this one day after surgery.

Thankfully not before we were able to do some laps around the nurses station together this time. Also sit down and get to know eachother alittle. We will call her Phébé. Phébé and I seemed to hit it off right away. We found that we had so many similarities about eachother over and above the fact that we had just gone through this in our lives. It became comical how many things we had in common. We exchanged contact information and have corrisponded back and forth already.

I look forward to seeing her again soon. I was able to schedule my post op doctors appointment right next to hers on the 12th. We can comizerate as they yank all the staples on our tummys out lol.

How lucky am I to have someone with whom I can exhange and compare experiences with, who is going through the same thing as me at the very same time.

Next post will be about the other lovely lady I met who moved in as my roomy the night before my departure.
Hugs till then.


Anonymous said...

Hi moonie!!
You are so right, having someone to walk through the process with makes it easier. You both can compare stories, and support each other while you go through major changes in your life. You will see, not just your weight will change. My GB changed many aspects of my life. You wouldn't think it would, after all, its just weight. But having that excess gone, makes it easier to do more and participate in things I never would have before. It will be the same for you. Im so happy and excited for you.

Ramona said...

How wonderful that you have found someone who is going through this at the same time that you are!

~* E *~ said...

I hope this finds you well in health and good spirits. I was just wondering how you were feeling. Thank you for blogging about your trials and tribulations with the surgery process. I wish you the best of luck!

The Witch Doctor said...


Have you withered away to nothing?!?!

You've not posted... to tell us how you've been....

I keep coming and checking... finding nothing... and now I'm getting worried... my long distance sucks... I can't even call to see how you are...
OMG what has happened to my Moonpie?!

*starts sobbing*