Thursday, February 01, 2007


First...I have to say thankyou to all of you who asked about me. Chris was bombarded by inquiries and well wishes in yahoo and blogger and Second LIfe...he was as touched by it as I was when he told me.

It's so good to be home...snuggled up in my comfy pj's feeling mostly like a wet rag but thats ok lol. WOW..I am glad that’s over!

The operationg itself went well…it’s the before and after that was horrible. If any of you have ever been Intubated while awake, you will be able to relate. I would not wish it on my worst enemy let me tell you.

Before going up to surgery, I was met in my room by the anesthesiologist (spelling) who explained how things would happen. Being that I was overweight he said that it is safer to do the intubation while still awake. The whole process would take about 20 minutes.

It was the longest 20 minutes I have ever felt. Once in the operating theatre he gave me a thick yucky liquid to swish in my mouth and gargle as deep as I could without swallowing. I did this twice. It totally froze the inside of my mouth and down part of my thoat which in itself is disconcerting because you feel like the throat isn’t working properly once its numb. But it gets worse.

He then has to make sure that u are frozen all the way down to the lungs…so he has a metal tube that sprays a water like liquid and puts that down the throat past where its already numb…the liquid makes u feel like u are drowning and with your gag reflex its being kicked right back out..omg it was horrible…he had to do this 3 times consecutively, deeper each time.

Now he has to intubate me…he explains that as soon as its in, I will be out cold…because once in, I will have the impression of not being able to breath at all. So he has the mouth spreader with the light shining down my throat and proceeds to put the tube down there but he's having gag reflex is really kicking in and he is still trying.

Mean while as he pulls out and trys again, the nurse is saying ‘’ It’s not going in!….Can’t get it in there’’ TALK ABOUT STATING THE OBVIOUS!... Had my vocal cords not been incompacitated right then I would have told her to SHUT THE FUCK UP…HELLO..I THINK WE CAN ALL SEE AND FEEL IT NOT GETTING IN , I DON’T NEED U TO FREAK ME OUT MORE THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

It took him 3 trys to get it in …..I don’t fault him this however. I know myself that my throat has little room. It is the cause of my sleep apnea. Thankfully once he got it, I did not choke for more then a few seconds, I was out cold as quickly as he said I would be.

The saying '' IS IT IN YET?'' could not be more fitting lol. budumpbump!

The surgery itself took about 2 hours. I woke woke up in due time but the pain horrible. Not from the surgry itself. It was caused by the Co2 they bloat your stumach with in order to have room and see what they are doing.

The pressure it causes after is horrible. I was getting shots of morafine and anti-inflamitories consequtively whick hardly caused a dent in the pain...the only thing that would help was to get up and move.

I begged to get up to be able to relieve the pain but they wouldnt let me up till that evening. After any surgery everyones throat is dry and sensitive...but after my ordeal I had coughed up some blood and my vocal box was totally shot lol...could barely talk all day and night.

My sweet Chris was at my side every moment..he was up like a shot to wet a cloth to let me suck on it to wet my mouth abit..I was not able to drink anything yet but the mouth is so dry after that it's inpossible find any siliva. He had his ear bend close to hear me when I whispered anything...I was blessed to have him there. Doing anything he could but I know he felt so helpless while I was in so much pain. He only left that evening when visiting hours were over...totally exhausted.

I have 5 stapled incisions spread around my stumach. Not big at all..Way better then a long line own my front. This way its less invasive and also the reason I am already home now.

So this has been day one...the worse really..and its OVER!!!

How's that for an update? lol..its graphic and detailed...but hey..even after all that...I am so glad I did it. Now its about healing and being carefull.

I will probably blog again tomorrow. Hugs to all who took a moment to ask about me or just sent good thoughts my way this was all good and my heart is warmed by all of you.


cindy wilson said...

So glad to hear that you came through the surgery, I was really worried but didn't want to let you
know, I had a friend that died during sugery with this surgery that you just had and I didn't want to show that in my comments or emails....Sorry....but am so happy to hear you are at home and the worse is behind you. Take care looking forward to your updates.

kelley said...

way to go moon. ITs your spirit that will see you make it through.

Anna said...

I'm happy Chris was able to get word to me that you were out of surgery and everything went well. I was worried all morning.

Now that the worst is over and your new life has begun you'll have so many good things to look forward to. No more medications, better sleeping and just an overall quality of life.

I'm so happy for you hon. I look forward to hearing and seeing all your progress.

Chris is my hero too! He takes very good care of you and is the best support person you can have.

*hugs to you both*

JustSue said...

Welcome home!!!!!!

Can't wait to hear about your progress!

Ramona said...

Glad to hear that your surgery is over, and that you are home safe and sound. Interesting perspective on being intubated. I take care of intubated patients every day, but have never heard it expressed quite that way. Sounds horrible!
Take care, and I wish you a quick recovery.

Carmi said...

I'm so glad you're home and safe. I'm praying for a rapid, uneventful recovery, and am so happy that you've been able to get back online so quickly.

kenju said...

Moon, that sounds like a horrible experience. I am glad that you are through it safely.

Anonymous said...

Oh Man Monette, they have talked about doing that to me before surgery but never actually did. I don't think hearing what it was like for you, that I will ever allow it if it comes up in the future. Im so glad you made it through otherwise without complications. That gas pain is a biotch for sure but at least it gets better laying down and eventually goes away. I said my prayers for you through the entire thing (altho I don't think God really cares what I think LOL). Anyhoot, welcome home. Keep us posted of all the moments of your journey. I remember mine like it was yesturday. Best thing I ever did for myself.
Much love,