Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Let me start by saying HAPPY BELATED MOTHER'S DAY to all the moms out there. This year I got spoiled. Chris and Cleo, stealthily went shopping after Chris' work, to find me a nice vase. Here I was thinking he had to work late lol.

He had picked up my daughter from her friends house after school. She chose a gorgeous vase but as they both rambled into the house, Chris give me a passionate kiss...I was like...WOW what was that for? He hoftily scoffes, Since when do I need a special excuse to kiss u like that hmmfff!..so here he makes me feel quilty for asking but I later figured out it was so that Cleo could get the big vase past me to her room....THE BIG GOOBER...

So Sunday morning, I get up early for Luc to give him his pills and have him pee, then put him back to bed. Chris has long left for work, the house was quiet. I go back to bed myself. To get up later and see this on the kitchen table.
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Is that gorgeous or what!....I go into my daughter's room to say thankyou, she is barely awake, with an eye peaking out of the blankies lol...
I give Chris a call at work, to thank him too, cause I figure he is behind it, but he assures me that although he helped with the financing of it, she was the one who put it all together, and they had NOT gotten flowers on Friday...which meant that my 15 yr old, got up early on a Sunday and walked to the florist carrying the vase to buy fresh flowers to fit into it and but the clear wrap over all....then carried it all home and slumped back into bed. NOW THAT impressed me!!
Cleo later made yummy chocolate chip cookies and we ate warm fresh ones straight out of the oven. Giggling with chocolate smeared faces and milk smiles. It doesn't get much better then that.


Anna said...

Must be something about the age of 15 because Josh actually bought me a box of my favorite chocolate covered strawberries. He's never done anything like this before. I was pleasantly surprised. He actually planned ahead, asked my brother to go buy them for me (because the place is in the suburbs) with his very own money even. I'm still shocked.

I'm so glad you had a nice Mother's Day hon, the flowers are beautiful.


Shannon said...

I'm so proud of that kid :D

JustSue said...

What a wonderful gift! Just "knowing" they went to that effort makes the gift - regardless of what it is - all the more special. This year both the boy and I were working at our respective jobs and couldn't spend Mother's day together.

He had gotten me new oven gloves, pot holders and t-towels for the kitchen - and made a point to get up early to hang them all nicely in the kitchen for me as a surprise!

scarlett said...

Cleo sure takes after her mom in some special ways. To find a beautiful vase..sneak it home.....then give up something precious for a teen...SLEEP..
Most people would have been happy to find the vase...Possible buy some store boughts stems to throw inside. The fact that she took it to the florist, had them create a beautiful arrangement for you, then placed it where you would find it upon awakening.....I can only imagine the satisfied smile of anticipation on Cleo's face, as she waited for you to open your peepers and find it. Bless them both and you sure deserve every kind thought. Happy Mothers day to a wonderful Mom. The proof is in the pudding. Cleo is a young woman that inspires pride. Chris is the best.