Friday, May 19, 2006


Will this rain or grey weather ever stop!! I am getting fed up with it. We need some UV rays nows....or rather the flowers do. I am afraid they are drowning with all this rain.

We had the sitter come on Monday because it was the only day in the 5 day forcast that announced little to no rain. We planned to do all our yard planting. Man did we time that well!! It was a beautiful day..warm with the sun peaking out of the clouds during most of the day. We started at 9:30 am... We pruned and cleaned, raked and pulled weeds untill it was time to go to our local plant nursery totally fill the vehicle of flowers...came home and planted most of them, then went back to fill her up again with more lol.
We also replaced a small tree among the rock garden infront. We planted more flowers then we normally would because we want them to look fuller early because of the company coming for the wedding...His parents are arriving in 9 days!!
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Chris got the garden all turned and planted aswell..we aren't planting alot this yr, just tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, and yellow/green beans...but it's enough.
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We got all the flower boxes on the deck done and bought some nice hanging ones as you can see. I hung a small one you can't really see above the bench on the pergola, but I wanted to take a photo of the lilac tree...this time of yr it smells heavenly and looks beautiful.
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We worked nonstop all day. We could barely move anymore lol. We had dirt on us from head to toe but we didn't care. It felt so good to get it all done. It all has abit of time to take root and get established before ppl start arriving. I won't have dirt stained hands for my wedding since we got this done now and now we can concentrate on some spring cleaning inside.

So now, 5 days later, we need SUNSHINE! Do I have to dance naked with a live chicken and a parasol to get the rain to stop? I'LL DO IT, HONEST...IT WON'T BE PURDY!!


Jay said...

Wow, the yard looks really good. I am so envious!

Shannon said...

*shudders @ the thought*

Please for the LOVE OF GOD DON'T!!!

I know a weatherman or two, I can put a call in with their mommas....granted I am their nurse, but I can see what I can do.

Anna said...

You guys did a really nice job with all the gardening, it looks beautiful.


JustSue said...

Moonie, it all looks splendid! You guys have done a fabulous job. I agree about all the rain lately however - I am feeling positively soggy here in Ontario too!

Bess said...

Wonderful job! It looks fabulous, Moon. Hope you get your wish for some sunshine -- or maybe you had some on the weekend? (My great-grandpa used to say, "The sun always shines on Saturday." Sometimes only for two minutes, and sometimes just in another part of world, but it's shining somewhere! Not that it helps your flowers that much...)

shirley buxton said...

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. I must tell you that Jerry and I will celebrate our 50th anniversary on June 27th. Our children are throwing us a big reception, and our whole family is going on an Alaskan cruise.

I wish the same success for you.



moon said...

Thanks Jay...but u wouldn't envy our back pain lol.

Shan, Shan...keep your shorts on...I will make sure to throw u a blind fold if the need finally arises for the chicken dance.

No kidding eh Sue..I am afraid the flowers will start to get water wrinkles!!

Thanks Bess..and your grandfather was right, we did get a few minutes on Saturday lol..just not enough to dry out the water logged wrinkled flowers lol...

OMG Shirley that is awesome and so rare these days. What a wonderfull way to celebrate also...the whole family on a cruise no less...I know ppl who have taken an Alaskan cruise and absolutely loved it!!..Want to go back in a heart beat...I hope you all have a great time and CONGRATS on your 50th Aniversary!!

lab munkay said...

The quote "Beauty surrounds her", poped into my mind after looking at your gardens. I do not no wich is prettier, your flowers or you caligraphy,(Which I mean to comment on some time ago but was struck by envy.)