Monday, May 29, 2006


After rubbing and shining, scrubbing and washing...we got this house shining for the arrival of Chris' parents. We picked them up at the airport at around noon today. They seem very nice.

Other then a few gliches in's been a pretty smooth welcome. My french is different from their french so its been humous at times with Chris translating both ways lol.

His parents spoiled us. We recieved 2 bottles of Champagne and 2 bottles of very nice red wine.
His father also brought us 4 of his water colour paintings...all very beautiful. Last year when Chris went to paris to see them and his children, his dad had given him a few of his paintings. I think he was quite happy to see 2 of the pieces framed and displayed here.

I don't know what it is but I know they also thought of bringing something for Cleo. She is at her dad's right now but should be here for lunch from school tomorrow.

His mom also brought me a gorgeous pendant made by an artist in Paris...2 different boxes of specialty chocolates OMGGGG TO DIE FOR...and last but not least...some DIOR perfume..smells devine and has flecks of gold in it. It's perfect for my wedding day, leaves a very slight shimmer on the skin.

We have had the day to get aquainted...thankfully it was beautiful out so we enjoyed sitting on the deck all afternoon. We had a late snack and they even lasted till after 9pm....trying to stay up as late as possible given the jet lag...they actually lasted till 3 am their time with the 6 hour difference. far so good lol. I find them both charming...not surprising since their son is a wonderful man. I hope they will be comfortable here and I hope my opinion of them is resipricated.

Off for now...will keep u posted.


lab munkay said...

Moon after all the big hupla has died down and you have time after the wedding, please post some pictures?

Shannon said...

lol don't worry Lab......once I get there, I will be taking TONS of pics!

Now whether or not she posts them is another story....

Anna said...

Less than a week and they get to meet the rest of us...

Make sure to make the good impression before we arrive ;)

I'm glad they arrived safe and sound hon.


JustSue said...

Relax could they not totally fall in love with you? You are a beautiful person, both inside and out! I am sure they are thrilled with their new "daughter"!

Thinking of you and the excitement leading up to the big day! OMG only 1 week to go!!

Shannon said...

*biting nails*

OMG...LESS than one week to go and we've not heard from you?!?!

Are you on the lam? Did you find out your new mother-in-law wasn't as expected?? Where'd you hide the body??

*GASP*...horrible thought...

They actually like you and are kidnapping you away from us!!!

If I don't see you in 5 days missy, I'm gonna come looking for you! And I'm gonna bring a crew to help me in the search!

Autumn Storm said...

Best of luck! & May you live happily-ever-after :-)