Monday, June 05, 2006


Today is my last dress fitting. If the thing doesn't fit I swear to you all right now the dress shop owner will be getting her last rights!!!

When I had initially tryed on the first dress, it fit me perfectly from hip to just under my breasts then the buck stopped there. Not surprising...I have a hell of a shelf if you know what I mean...she couldn't go highter with the zip in the back. They said they would order a dress one size bigger. As you know, it took till last week for it to finally arrive.

When I put it on, I was ready to panic. It was not JUST one size bigger. It seemed to be 4 sizes bigger. NO...I did not lose weight, as much as I would love to say so. I swear to you that even all zipped up, I could take the dress off it was so big. Chris was in the changing room with me to help do it all up. He saw that I was on the verge of a meltdown. When I got up on the podium...trying desperately to keep the damn dress from falling off of me...with panic in my eyes as I saw myself in the big mirror...Chris stepped infront of me...calmly told me LOOK INTO MY EYES...REALLY LOOK...I did...he said...YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. IT WILL BE ALRIGHT I PROMISE. NOW BREATH!
God I love that man.

He looked so calm and confident..(probably shitting his own bricks I am sure) that it calmed me down. The seamstress asured me that it was normal to have it so big and was alot easier to do alterations in that case bla bla bla...whatever. So we go back today for final fitting...when she said the 5th..Chris kindly reminded her that our wedding was the 9th. She said no problem. If there was any more alterations to be done, they would all be done there and then....(wonders if one can get a gun at such short notice)...kidding..I don't need a gun..I will strangle her with my bare hands if she doesn't come through.
So think good thoughts for ...not me...but the seamstress!!!!

On other news...Cleo had her piano recital last night (sunday)..She had invited her dad and uncle, her cousin Chantal, a school friend of hers myself and Chris' parents to attend. We were bumbed that Chris had to work but we all planned to go eat afterwards once Chris got home. He felt bad he would miss it.

I called a taxi to take us to the hall and once we were all seated..who walks in?...Chris!..with a shit eating grin on his face no less. I was so happy to see him and Cleo had a huge smile aswell. He had previously arranged to be there without telling us. Again God I love that man.

Cleo always has a hard time playing infront of anyone..even me listening outside her bedroom door praticing lol...if I or anyone was in the livingroom, she didn't have a problem.
I knew she would have a really hard time of it playing infront of a crowd. She was playing 2 pieces...
Le Saule (by Anita Weedmark)
Victor's piano solo (The Corpse Bride by Danny Elfman)
She knows then so well, that she actually doesn't even need the sheet music. When it was close to her turn I could feel her trying to breath calmly beside me. It was time to go sit at the piano...her hands were shaking so much that she got abit of the way through and just couldn't control them. She fumbled and said she couldn't continue. My heart sank for her. I knew how embarrased she must feel and mortifyed. Thankfully her teacher didn't miss a beat and said, it was ok..with all smiles and suggested she try again at the end if she felt up to it.

She sat back down, when many would have left the room I think. I tryed to console her by holding her hand but u know how teens are...big eye role, and leave me alone look. I backed off.

When everyone had done their thing. The teacher tentatively asked Cleo if she was up to it. She stood up and went to the piano. She started to play...just that was an acomplishment...She fumbled through the first one...with a few mishaps...but everyone else did on that piano was a very old piano that had seen better days with worn keys and one that stuck..

Cleo played the other peice and did much was a very hard piece....I was so proud of her...with hands shaking and having choked once, she got up and pulled it must have been that much harder for her to do it. I was terrifyed that she wouldn't be able to do it ever again after her initial choke. She faced her fears and DID IT!

Later when I spoke to her teacher..she told me that she was very happy that Cleo had gotten back up to try but understood her difficulty. When she had first started her lessons, she told me that Cleo's hands shook uncontrolably for the first few lessons even with just her sitting next to her.

Cleo plays quite a few classical peices already...and she has only been playing piano for 9 months!

I filmed her playing. It sux that my dad missed the recital by 3 days..he will be arriving for the wedding on wednesday. He is the one that bought Cleo the piano and pays for her lessons. He does the same for my sister's daughter Tess aswell. Atleast he will see it on tape.

On a side note...Chris' parents have been going for a short walk to the grocery store everyday for fresh bread...(they are french lol) so yesterday I asked then to pick up one of those ready made bouquets of flowers there. One for Cleo and one for the pieano teacher..not only did they not let me pay for it when they brought then home...they had also got some flowers for me aswell AWEEEEE... they are so sweet.

With all the parents at the recital, I was surprised to see that no one else had thought to give flowers to their kids or the teacher even. BUT the teacher was kind enough to have presents for every one of her students. Cleo got some nice earings. I thought that was really sweet of her.

Well I am off to try a dress on..or kill a seamstress..will keep u posted on the outcome or funeral time of the seamstress.


Anonymous said...

Omg! You make me laugh! Have a wonderful week. while I am celebrating my sisters 10-year wedding anniversary on Friday, I will make a toast to you and Chris. Much love to you all. Love, Pogo LoriLee11

Anonymous said...

So did the seamstress get to live? I'm sure you fit that dress just perfectly with your cute curves. ;)

Anna said...

We're all waiting to hear if she made it out of the shop alive today ;).

I'm sure everything went just fine.


Shannon said...

Darlin, I know how the fitting went and I won't give it away here, but I am here to tell you that you will look divine, either in that dress (held up with safety pins and suspenders if need be) or in a potato sack. It's you and the witnessing of a perfect union that we're all excited about, not just your dress.

Kudos to Cleo as well, even with the fumble, the fact that she got back up and tried again is the biggest thing. At least she didn't sit down on the bench and have it break beneath her to take a tumble in front of God and everyone. Yes that happened to me during a dress rehersal for a production of Sweet Charity I was in. Thank God it was only a dress rehersal. So let her know, it could have gone a heck of alot worse.

Now you know where Chris gets his thoughtfulness from!

Much love. See you in a few days.