Tuesday, June 06, 2006


She is still alive and well but just barely I tell ya. I put on the dress and found that the bust fit funny then once on the little podium infront of the mirror I notice that the hem on an inner layer of the dress wasn't done either.

Seamstress hummed and hawded, mumbling about her asistant then pinned it up. She did some adjusting to the breasticle area...asking me to hike up my huge Planets of Wonder....(ok, she didn't use that term) she said Orbs of Joy instead....erm...she asked me to fit them higher in the breast area of the dress, in other words, it was my breasts fault if it fit funny up top...Seriously..as most ppl know, this planet has a little thing called GRAVITY... even with the push up bra and the snug fit of the dress..they weren't going ANYWHERE FAST... they were right where they are supposed to be..and frankly otherwise I would have to walk around with a cpl cement pillars proped under each to get them up as far as she wanted me too....(eye roll)

So..gets her pinning done...says it will take 15 mins to finish..I purposely keep my wedding dress underwear on to try it on again...and got redress to wait. 15 mins goes by and another of the ladies there brings out my dress, all wrapped up in the garment bag ready to go...Voila! All done. she says....and proceeds to take it to the front.
Chris calmly says....We would still prefer to try it on before leaving...just incase...MY HERO!.... man its a good thing too.

I put it back on, and the hem is still only in pins!!!..she had done the tac at the top but it still need some work. The seamstress comes out..and exclaims her apologies...she had recieved a phone call of bad news yada yada...and totally forgot she had the hem to do....I just had visions of doing a hem on my wedding day, late for the ceremony.

No need to rip her a new one though..we just *laughed it off....she fixed it all, and we were on our way.

SO THE DRESS IS AT HOME!! and the seamstress LIVES ON!!!


Rae said...


good thinkin my man... he's aces Moon ;)

Shannon said...


JustSue said...

I can hardly believe that the big day is almost here! I would have gone mental at the seamstress for screwing things up the second time. God Bless Chris for insisting on seeing the dress again!

Squirrels said...

Bet you are soooo exicted !!! I hope thats all that goes wrong. But it will be wonderful no matter what.
: )