Friday, June 16, 2006


I wonder how long it will be before I stop having the urge to giggle happily when I say husband. Today is your birthday and it is also a whole week of being husband and wife.

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We have had 4 bdays each our turn since we became a cpl. I was thinking on how that first year was such a whirlwind of emotions. Being apart sometimes for up to 2 months or just through the week till the time came to finally see eachother on weekends. No matter how long, we missed eachother dreadfully and never went to sleep without a goodnight kiss on the phone.

Longing thoughts of a future living together seemed so far away but we prevailed and after a long year of fleating weekends and phonecalls...We finally started a real life together.

Although there was another long yr of looking for work, and things were lean...we were so rich with the happiness of being together. Your pride had you working any manual job u could get between going on interviews for work in your field. You have never stopped impressing me.

In a short 2 yrs, you managed to go from a temp imployee, just replacing someone on leave, to being a weekend supervisor. You amaze me. I am so proud the man I married on so many levels.

So looking back over our 4 yrs and celebrations we have had together, I say again, happy birthday my blessed we are to have gotten this far and had our wishes come true. BONNE FÊTE MON MARI, JE T'AIME.......0X0X0 De ta FEMME.....hee hee.


Shannon said...

Happy Birthday Chris! Happy 1 week anniversary to you both!

BTW...did you ever keep track of your pocket hankie? I know I was chasing you about with it for a while, just wondering if it ever made it home with all your other goodies.

Big hugs!

Bizou Bizou!!

Chris said...

Those 4 years have been full of incredible events, exiting moments, teasing wait for those sensual and romantic encounters of ours, those stolen magic instants that are ours forever, all tremendously worth the wait and the step by step journey to finally reach the pinacle of happiness in becoming your Husband.

Je t'aime ma femme !!!

your proud friend,lover,spouse, ton Homme...