Thursday, June 15, 2006

More photos finally

I haven't posted all week, we have been busy with Chris' parents. This is their last week here so we wanted to get some sight seeing done. Last week was full of wedding preps and company arriving so understandably the touristy things took a backseat.

We also got photos from everywhere lol...I hope this works..let me know if it does or doesn't...I have put a whole bunch on a flickr account for ppl to view if they want....go HERE to view (assuming it will work).

I will be married a whole week tomorrow! lol, It is also Chris' birthday. He goes back to work tomorrow also but we are all going out for supper tomorrow to celebrate his bday given he gets off at 5 pm tomorrow.

As a wedding gift from dear friends of mine, we recieved a very generous gift certificate of $200 to a nice resturant in our area. It was a great idea, along with it they added some money but mostly thought of the certificate to ensure we go out to enoy something. Like they said to us, money is great but we often pay bills or put it aside etc, this way, we have to take the time to get out of the house. Also, with that amount, we could take someone else (like his parents) with us. It was very thoughtfull indeed. Hense tomorrow we are going to try it out. We haven't been to that resturant yet.

This week, we went up the tower above the Olympic stadium, visited the Biodome, the Insectarium and the Montreal Botanical Gardens...We also went to old Monteal and had a few meals out. We have been busy. Tomorrow's supper out will be the last. Chris works late both sat. and sun. and we take his parents to the airport on monday afternoon for their trip back to France.

I have really enjoyed getting to know them. I have been blessed in the inlaw department. They have been very sweet to me and we have had lots of fun over the past weeks together. They have also been generous and loving. His mom brought some old pieces of jewelry for me to chose from to wear for my wedding as something old. I picked a ring that belonged to her great grandmother...its a lovely pearl ring that is over 150 yrs old. I wore it on my wedding day. I returned it to her in its box the next day so I wouldn't forget.

She said...NO! NO! It was not just lent to you. It belongs to you now. I was giving you the piece you chose among the ones I had so the ring is now yours.
I was so touched. I never dreamed it was for me to keep. I never would have been so bold as to chose the lovely ring, although the other pieces were nice too. Just shows you how sweet she is and has been through out these short weeks. I think they have also seen the obvious also, that Chris and I are deeply in love...something he never had before, regardless of having been married before.

They also really enjoyed the wedding. I think everyone did. It was beautiful and fun. We are proud of how everything turned out. We will be forever happy with our choices and memories of it all.

So let me know if the photo thing works lol. Hugs to all.


scarlett said...

What a beautiful bride...You both looked over the top happy. Wish the pics had captions to say who is who. The pics of Cleo in the mist are phenomenal..She looks fabulous and so grown up. Her heels are so high...brave girl. Thank you for setting them up on a new site, as i could not see them on the flickr one. Congrats once again. Happiness always. Love,

kelley said...

Just wanted to add my congrats to you both and to your extended family. Wonderful pics as well.

Rae said...

Happy One Week-versary!! :P

Flickr worked for me and the pics look great!

big hugs to you and Chris!

and let his parents know that we thought they rock!


Anna said...

Happy Birthday Chris!

I had an amazing time at your wedding, thank you again for the honor of witnessing such a perfect union.


Anonymous said...

It works the photos came out great. I loved everything about your wedding. The place where you got married looks like some of the castles I have seen in Ireland.(well the inside) Thanks for sharing your pics.

I have tried to do my own blog but right now its at the very beginning stage like where do I go from here. LOL I am going to have to get more serious.

Take care

Anonymous said...

the pictures are awesome and your daughter is beautiful. I love the pictures of her in the park. Just amazing. Your love for one another is obvious. You will certainly have a lifetime of love. See you soon. Pogo Lori

Morah Mommy said...

As we say in Hebrew "Mazel Tov!"
The pictures are beautiful and you both look so happy and so much in love.

Your mother in law sounds like a dream...enjoy the ring!

I hope your lives are always filled with health, happiness and love!

Squirrels said...

I so wish I could have come and seen you get hitched. LOL... hitched. You look so beautiful and he looks so handsome. Hope you had lots and lots of fun and the marriage is happy and lasts forever!!!