Tuesday, April 11, 2006

More Stuff Done

Today was another day out, filled with a list of things to do. It was also absolutely beautiful out. What a treat. No need for a jacket even.

We got some banking done then went into Montreal. I think everyone was out trying to catch as much of this warm spring day as they could. We walked down St. Catherines St.(Montreals main strip) hand in hand enjoying the sun as much as the ppl watching. Your see all kinds in Montreal.

We had some shopping to do for Chris' daughter's bday . She likes to read english books when she can so we went to a store that had some of those downtown. Yes, they are actually hard to find outside the big centers lol...where we live and the surrounding areas DON'T have english books . I used to have to go downtown Montreal to get second hand books..to save money...but I would get a whole shit load to last me awhile lol.

While we were there I was in the wedding sections looking for a Guest sign in book. They had a few there but I didn't particularly like any of them. I did find something good though. A wedding scrap book. I hadn't thought of that actually. I have saved copies of our invites and a few other things for keepsake but hadn't thought of putting them in something especially for that. I took a pic of the first page...but it has all kinds of different pages you can write about how u met, when u knew u were in love, your engagement, your wedding invites, your rsvp's, your guests and what you got from them etc etc...I thought it was a brilliant idea! So we got it.
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Here is also a pic of our invites...we had both english and french but I have included a close up of the english ones. I think they are rather nice if I do say so myself. Chris did a great job doing them all with the printer.
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Not bad eh.

So we then went on to look for a necklace and our sign book. We did some shopping inside the underground mall that is really quite cool. You can shop for miles underground going from one center to another with blocks and blocks connecting to eachother and the metro (subway system) ..it's nice especially in winter lol.

I found my necklace...keep in mind that my dress is not traditional at all. It is a deep bronze colour with an ivory inlay down a slit in the front. I needed something to dress up my neck. I took a pic of it because I wanted to show it to my mom. She wanted to pay for it when I found it, as a way I think of being part of my wedding outfit. It cost more then 60$...thats all I'm saying. But it really is nice heavy costume jewelry and the colours are PERFECT! Here are 2 pics...one with flash one without.
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What do u think?

I also found my sign in book in another store. It is exactly what we wanted. Not to big because lets face it , we aren't having 200 guests lol. I wanted a small book that had room for ppl to sign and comment and thats all. ..I wanted ivory but they didn't have it in ivory but as u can see it has somewhat of a pattern on the satiny finish, so it could almost pass for ivory/white ...hard to explain.....I have yet to find a pen with a pedistal though...next on my list.

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So there u have it....oh and we went to the Hotel to put a nice chunk of money down on our reception WHOO HOOO... that felt good.

Then we went to a part of Montreal (Rue Prince Arthure) that has alot a different resturants and tryed a Portugese resturant. We had an assortment of lamb, rabbit, quail, portugese sausage and porc!...it was a menu choice for 2 ppl to let you try them all. OMG there was so much, it's a good thing Chris was hungry...seeing all that meat on the serving plate had the opposite effect on me lol....I tryed bits of this and that but not alot. Way too much meat for me lol. I just nibbled on some fries and had my salad with some bread...but I have to say that it was all very good , even the tastes I had of the meat....We took the rest home ofcourse...I know a cpl of dogs that will be very happy tomorrow lol.

Tomorrow I hope to go to our local florist and see what kind of catalog they have and what kind of prices. I would like to give my local town first try for the business but again...I am going to price check....no need to loose an arm now..I have been doing pretty good so far....

Let me know what you thing of everything...your feedback is important to me.


JustSue said...

Moonie, It all looks like it's coming together wonderfully for you! I bet the excitement is growing! Thanks for sharing the photos with us.

Anonymous said...

I love the invites. I got the exact same ones for my wedding, lol. They are beautiful and so is everything else. Best wishes!

Shannon said...

You couldn't eat the different meats, yet you will eat Octopus and Squid....not to mention.....force ME into eatting FROGS LEGS!! *gagging*

Yes people they really do taste like chicken.....cept they are mealy (grainy/stringy in texture).

Love, LOVE, LOVE the necklace!!!

BTW, did your sitter tell you I called? Mom looked at me funny and asked "Who did you just call, Monique?"....I'm like yeah, why? She's like "Cuz you were speaking in french *giggle* that was cool". Didn't have the heart to tell her that it wasn't so cool to stumble and fumble for what it was I was trying to think of to say. lol. Yeah she's a bigger dork than me!

Big hugs!

Bess said...

More fabulous selections, I see! :) My sister-in-law has been working on a scrapbook since she and my brother got married last summer -- I think it would have been a lot easier and more organized if she had found a book like the cutie one you got. Also, I know what you mean about how the satiny pattern can sort of fool the eye when it comes to color, so I'm sure that'll be fine, especially since you'll probably have fairly mellow lighting at the hotel. The invites are lovely -- I really like the typeface that you chose! And of course, I have to comment on your *beautiful* necklace. It looks like it has a nice weight too, so it won't shift around too much while you wear it ... and it's just gorgeous! :)

moon said...

Thanks Sue and yes..we can't wait!

Greeney!! ltns gf..hows it going?? and CONGRATS on your own nuptuals..keep in touch more often hun!

Awe Shan, quit your cryassin...you loved it when the little frog said NEGEEEP! when u bit into it lmao!

And damnit, I swear to go that I will stamp my name on your mother's forehead backwards so she can see it in the mirror...maybe then she will stop calling me Monique lmao

Bess, thanks so much...and yeah, I am so glad I found that scrap book, I already put my invites in there and some business cards of ppl like the officient and my dj in there etc, apart from the obvious, it will also be a great place to find all that info for recommendation purposes in the future...no searching about for infor for friends who need or want ideas etc
You're also right about the necklace...its quite heavy ..so it will stay hanging nicely all evening...the pics don't do it justice but I am so happy I found it..my mom loves it btw, emailed her the pic since she is the one paying for it lol...and well, my mom has impecable taste so I was hoping she would.

Squirrels said...

oh how beautiful !!! I love weddings. I want to have one again. I never got to do that sort of stuff. Mine was like a elopment. LOL. I love invites. Send me one. He He He He.