Thursday, April 06, 2006


I am trying to see to as many details as I can so that I don't find myself bombarded or sleeplessly making lists of all the little details at the last minute.

Yesterday Chris and I got alot of stuff done. We recieved our cake knife set this week so we found a place to have it engraved our names and date.
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We also got candles for our centerpieces Image hosting by Photobucket
We got more then we needed incase they burned fast. We lit 2 lastnight to get a good idea how long they would last and we were pleasantly surprised...they were half burned down after 6 hours! One was abit lower then the other but not by much, I will have enough to replace if needed but for the most part they will burn all evening of the reception.

We also got a beautiful shirt and tie for Chris' suit along with a nice brown belt and nice shoes to match. I can't wait to see him all decked out...he will look so dapper and I love that we got him a suit he always wanted that will be worn often in future, rather then rent a tux.

I found my shoes aswell. First store and first pair tryed on. I wasn't sure so did all the other stores to rule out the chance of finding something else....isn't it always the way....ended up going back to first store lol. They are perfect, ivory, not to high and very simple so I will be able to wear them again for something else. Oh yeah...and only 40$

Basically, all that is left is a necklace for me to go with the dress. The flowers for my bouquet and honour table arrangement that will first be used in the ceremony room. No sense in using a flower arrangement for 30 minutes that will be removed and put on the honour table after the ceremony.
We will have to get some boutoniers for Chris, and both our dads and corsage for his mom and my dad's wife. They will be seated with us at the honour table.
I will also need flower petals to sprinkle at the base of the candle holders on each table to add colour.

I need a guests sign in book and pen set. I have been looking at them on ebay but frankly the ones I like I find pricey. I will see what I can find locally before I decide to buy. I got great deals on ebay with the candles and cake set even with currancy conversion but I don't get that feeling with the sign in books...will have to see.

We got confirmation yesterday that Chris' parents have got thier airline tickets! Chris is thrilled. I am looking forward to meeting them....(she says with a bit of terror in her voice)

AND the best thing done yesterday is.....drum role please........ALL the INVITATIONS ARE MAILED!!... I am so glad that is done! We are in good time.. the recommended time is said to be 6 to 8 weeks. We are 8 weeks and 3 days lol....It took me the better part of an evening addressing them all in caligraphy. But they all look nice. We also printed up a list of websites for different hotels in the area to price shop or book at our venue hotel and recieve the locked in price of $209 per night if they mention our name. Otherwize the price is closer to $250 in June. We wanted to make it easier for our travelling guests to have different options.

I am relieved that the big stuff is taken care of now. All the little details are being taken care of as soon as I can think of them.....but I just know that the closer it gets to the time, the more I will think of things ....

A side of my good friends who I used to live across the street from for 10 years called to say she got her invite yesterday. Why so fast?...Her address is the only one I didn't have written down in my book. It's funny how we can live so close to someone for years and not pay attention to their house number. I couldn't tell you what it was, to save my own life so I delivered it to her mailbox personally during the day. She was at work.

I felt bad because it wasn't officially mailed. When she called I told her so but she said she saw it totally differently. She said she felt that it was more special for her knowing I actually delivered it personally to her door. .....AND she confirmed to me that she would be there with bells on! But wanted to keep the the RSVP as part of the invite for a keepsake because she knew we did them ourselves....(with the printer)..we bought the kit with the handmade paper, they are really pretty if I do say so myself. And we did both languages, french and english.

SO I have my first official YES response lol!!!.....OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY I CAN'T WAIT.....(big grins)


Bess said...

Wow! I love your candleholders, and the cake serving set -- just gorgeous! :)

Kross-Eyed Kitty said...

You are incredibly organized!!! I am impressed.
The candleholders are lovely, and so is your daughter!

Shannon said...

We got Ran's suit jacket yesterday along with the shirt he'll be wearing as well as the tie. Got them for a song too! :)

Yep, I actually sang to the salesman and he bagged them up straight I have to return my RSVP? I mean, yanno I'm gonna be there out of fear of bodily harm and all....


Christine said...

I remember this stage of planning. It get scarier and scarier the more you plan. Sounds like you are going to have an awesome wedding!!

moon said...

Thanks Bess!!...I need cootoes..seems that apart from one or 2 friends...everyone else I know haven't been around.

And Shan, no u can keep the RSVP ya goober..your right..if you don't show up...I will hunt u down gf!

Kitty..thanks so much for thinking so...I am actually proud of myself..I have never planned any kind of event let along a wedding...I have had no help except the internet and Chris ofcourse..we have been doing pretty good and so far are so happy with all our choices. Our big objective other then getting married ofcourse was being able to offer something really nice to our guests...I think we have..but that will be determined on june 9th lol

Thanks Christine..we sure hopeso...and please don't scare me lol I am trying to stay ontop of all the planning in order to not have a meltdown before the wedding lol

Anonymous said...

Ms Moon..You are a natural as a wedding planner!! So proud of you for getting so much done, so early...and for finding just the things your heart desired, to make this a perfect day.
Wonderful to hear Chris's parents will be able to bear witness to you becoming part of their Ohana..(family)
Good luck looking for your guest book. What kind of necklace are you looking for???? Don't forget you need something borrowed, something blue..something old....and something new....Love ya.....Charly (scarlettoahu)

Rae said...

I got my invite on Friday... woo hoo

I love them they are gorgeous ;)
just like the bride :D

JustSue said...

I love the candle holders! Gorgeous!

Anna said...

Everything looks amazing Monette, the centerpieces are just gorgeous. Your necklace even matches your hair beutifully.

You did an awesome job hon.