Sunday, April 02, 2006


OMG! WE DID IT!! ..YES folks, we got a dress for my 15 yr old daughter!!..I am still realing was not without pain.

Pain? you say.....Well, picture this...a teen walking around with a 100lb weight on her hunched shoulders, dragging her feet as she follows me with the look of (my dog just died) on her face....SERIOUSLY!....we were just SHOPPING for god sakes.
Everytime I would find something I thought she may like..she would grunt or shrug a shoulder. With more prodding I would get an actual syllable of YEAH or NO. We actually made it to the dressing room once or twice..she tryed a few dresses on to declare that no dress looks good on her. Or, it's too low in the front or too much skin is showing...ARG!!

I was becoming impatient to say the actually look at the girls her age in the mall that couldn't buy enough crap or wear inapropriet atire and think...why can't Cleo be more like that.....FOR A SPLIT SECOND... I had to take a deep breath.

So I took her aside and said....OK, here is it...this is turning out to be a nightmare, I know u hate to shop but u look like its worse then a root canal..and frankly I have had enough. I would not and could not make u wear something u hate. Believe it or not, I actually want you to find something u will feel good about wearing and forgive me for saying it but something u may even feel pretty in. BUT I need your help finding it. Most would give an arm to go shopping for special clothes and shoes to match but this is rediculous Cleo, u really have to change that face and try to help me help you find something you like. I don't care if it isn't a dress, it could be a pant outfit or a skirt and top...just as long as it's dressy enough for the wedding.

Let me also add that Cleo is tall, slim and very pretty. I know I am her mother but it's true lol. She is at that awkward age and she is very selfconscience. I am actually very gratefull for the fact that is isnt the typical barbie type that has her belly button showing and shows off nonexistant cleavage like most of the girls I see infront of the school. Cleo is far more conservative but with a style milange of goth and punk. She pulls it off well and I really love how she puts herself together. It isn't over the top and her makeup is also subtle so I am all for it. That is why I was striving to find something she could feel good in. She really hates to shop, when we have to get her school clothes, it's like pullin teeth but when we happen to find something she actually likes I can't get to the cash register fast enough to buy it. I don't even look at the price for the most part lol. No matter what we get her, she wears it out so it's worth it.

I think our/my talk kicked in somewhat because she started to get into it more. Her cousin Chantal met us at the mall also and that helped. We were going to change gears and scrap the dress idea and go for a pants/jacket outfit but then I remembered a Medieval/goth store she likes so we made our way there.

There were some overly priced dresses there but Cleo's eyes actually lit up. I actually heard the chorus of choir singers go off in my head. AAAAHHHHHHH.... We picked out a cpl dresses and a skirt set. She had a few misses but then she came out with a red/black taffita dress with ivory embroidery on it. It has those string and loop laceups in the front and the back but its is very simply cut. It has spegetti straps and no low cut in the front...and the length was PERFECT.. and guess what....SHE WAS SMILING ......HALILULIAAAAAAA... I swear I almost fell to my knees to start thanking god. CHUCHING!!! BOUGHT THAT DRESS IN SPLIT SECOND TIME!!

We then went back to a store we saw earlier to add a chiffon wrap to it and look at the pretty sandels they had. OMG my daughter who hates *girly* things picked out the hottest pair of black heels I have ever seen lmao.

While there, my neice saw a dress she liked and tryed it on. Looked awesome on her and was actually a great price. She also picked out shoes...the same ones that Cleo chose but a different colour. She phoned her dad to get the ok and frankly I would have punched him had he said no. He was hoping that with my help, she would get what she needed for the wedding because he didn't have the time to spend trying to shop with her. Granted , dads aren't usually the best choice for those things. I don't mind at all. I also often think her mother is looking down on me at times like these and either laughing or smiling. ...

So we got TWO teens all decked out for the wedding today!...My previous hope that all the planets would be in perfect alinement came true......or someone please pinch me ...I just want to make sure I am not dreaming and my cosmic carma isn't trying to play a horrible APRIL FOOLS joke on my brain.........

NO WAIT....I GOT PICS FOR PROOF!!!! HEHE!! The tall one is my daughter Cleo and the other is my neice Chantal...keep in mind they threw on the dresses for me so I could get these photos. They wanted me to assure everyone that their hair will be NICE for the big day lol.
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cmhl said...

love the shoes!!!

Lady Skye Fyre said...

Very pretty dresses! I'm glad the shopping expedition turned out well.

Lady Skye Fyre said...

Great dresses! I'm glad the shopping expedition turned out so well.

Anonymous said...

Omg!! They both look beautiful, but Cleo's dress really suits her!! Have fun at the wedding!! Lori (from pogo)

Rae said...

tell Cleo that I think she looks beautiful in her dress, and I think it suits her perfectly. As well as Chantal, I didn't meet her but her dress is very nice and looks great on her ;)

I betcha those shoes don't last the whole night (lol) they're cute therefore they're not made for actual wearing... *laughing*

JustSue said...

Being the mother of a teen I can totally understand the angst of shopping with them. I am so glad you finally found a dress that you are both happy with. The dress btw looks gorgeous!