Friday, March 31, 2006


Image hosting by PhotobucketAfter researching numerous dj's we finally signed one this week. I have to tell you that the ranges in prices were from $500 to $2000 for the evening! WOW...But phoning many payed off. I got a feel for the services offered , lighting, animation or not, willingness to negociate, overtime charged or no limits and ofcourse experience. I got huge quotes from big production companys to find out that they often contract out for a lesser price to smaller businesses...I needed a GOOD dj because as far as I am concerned..a big wedding with over 100 guest could almost get away with a bad dj lol, with all the noise and ppl it can still work, but with a small group of 30ish..a bad dj would be amplifyed a 100 times!!..BUT I was not willing to cut off an arm to get one I felt confident in.

The gentleman that I found had done alot of contract work for some of the big production companies I had already gotten high quotes on. He also had a reem of photos and references to show us when we went to meet him....very professional and willing to give us a good price because we were getting married on Friday...and also quaranteed that he would be the one doing the evening and not one of his employees...We really felt confident about signing with this man and glad that he was within our budget. Even with the inclusion of pipping in music to the ceremony room then the cocktail room! Let's all hope he is as good as he says he is lol. OH YEAH....AND he is BILINGUAL! LOL

We also found Chris' suit this week! A nice beige linen suit like he has always wanted. It will look great next to my bronze dress with ivory....and was within our budget.

My candle centerpiece things arrived yesterday! I am so pleased! They are as lovely as the photo promised. They will look great on my tables and worth paying the difference in conversion to canadian funds, plus the extra shipping AND another duty of $11 when they got here lol...even with all that they will cost me less then having done small flower arrangements on each table. I also plan to raffle off all but one of them during the evening to those who would like to take one home. I don't need to keep them all lol.

SO...all the big stuff is booked!! I am relieved and pretty damn proud of myself lol. It's now a matter of details, fittings, shoes and some flowers.


GETTING A DRESS FOR CLEO!!!..........OMG............HELP ME LORD!!

We are going shopping this Saturday (tomorrow!) with Cleo to TRY and find a dress she could live with wearing and even ......should I dare say it....LIKE aswell!.....I am hoping all the planets are properly alined and the moon is doing what it's supposed to in order for the cosmic carma to weigh on the POSITIVE side of this Saturday for this rare anomally to happen!!!


I will let you know if it helped after tomorrow.


Amanda said...

Have ya considered a career as a wedding planner?

Anna said...

That's what I said Amanda, she's amazing! I can't believe how simple she's made planning a wedding sound.

I tell ya I'm feeling like I want to get married now ;).

I'm so glad you got all the big stuff done hon. You did and excellent job.


T. said...

I hope your DJ turns out good. Ours didn't. When we were getting married, we didn't think the DJ would be a big deal so we hired the guy who was cheapest ($350). He played Christmas music! I was sitting there listening to the two hours of elevator music when I realized I was listening to Away in the Manger. Don't go with the cheapest one!