Thursday, March 09, 2006

WHERE DO PPL GET THEIR MONEY? can ppl afford to have lavish weddings? Ok, there are still traditional weddings where the parents pay for everything. Even then...I would want to die before costing my parents that much money for one day. Yes its a special day but lets be logical. I can think of a million other more pratical things to use that kind of money for.

I realize it probably has everything to do with my age but at the same time..I could be using just that fact to justify having an expensive wedding...You know the whole, I'm finally getting married at the ripe age of 43 so I better make it count argument lol.

I am so not like that. But I do like good value for my money. I also like classy and understated but those come with a price.

I am thankfully having a small intimate group of ppl for my wedding supper. Less then 40. But even with that amount of ppl...many places ask for a minimum of 50 ppl..then there is the damn menu choices!! 80$ per person is rediculous...OK, so I have never organized a wedding or big supper before but give me a break..Oh and some places charge MORE for every person BECAUSE there is UNDER 50 !!..ARG!! I realize they want it to be worth their trouble but PULEASE.. it's not like the prices aren't already inflated.

Ok, this was the first installment of Wedding Venting lol. Bare with me...and rest assured that I can't wait to be married to my man. I will certainly have more things to bitch about but there will hopefully be more to rejoice about aswell.


Rhiannon said...

Hey Moon,

Happy Belated Birthday! Go Pisces Lady!:)

Wow, did you bring some memories back for me. I married in my mid 30's and my husband(then)and I planned the whole wedding and reception ourselves (along with a smothering mother in law, he he) and we did a great job. Like you it was small and we wanted it "special" too but I worked hard on making my own bouquet and Hair combs with ribbon streams with sides of my hair pulled back on each side in the combs and the rest down..I still have them somewhere..and we ordered the food from safeway deli,(it was laid out so beautiful by friends)ordered a beautiful off white cake with peach trimmings, from a nice bakery, not too big and I made the decoration for the top. Off white and peach were our colors and I was so nervous, but my husband calmed me down with a lot of "I love you's" right before we walked "together" down the isle, how cool is that? It was the best memory of my life our wedding day. Why? Because it was so "real" and there was so much "Love"..I have the video of it old as it may be..but I still can't look at it yet since our divorce 8years was the best memory and time of my life most definitely! We danced and rocked out during the reception and he came up behind me (snuck up on me!)picked me up and swung me around in circles as I giggled with my hair flying!..sigh its in the video. So, instead of worrying about perfection "feel the love" and joy and have fun! I wish you much love and happiness "forever"..we wrote our own vows also, are you going to? It was supposed to be "forever" and I believed in my vows completely but it was only 15 years, the best of my life memories so I hope to make new memories maybe one day soon with my 2nd soulmate..who knows? Miracles do happen!

Happy Wedding! Happy life Moon!

With Angel Blessings,


vera said...

its called debt - lots and lots of debt