Saturday, April 29, 2006



How many times have we used that expression? I know I have many times in my 43 yrs. When I got this pic in an email from a friend I just had to share it. I think the idea to finally capitalize on the old saying is genious!!!
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I am also curious....have u ever been in a situation where you were in or close to being in shit creek with no paddle?

I was once, while in Mexico...alone at 4am, walking home, (to friends apartment) had 4 men following me and getting closer...very dangerous situation. Got out of it in the nick of time by the skin of my teeth...will have to tell the story in more detail some day.

Tell me about yours..

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kenju said...

Moon, I have never been that far up shit creek, but one time when I was young and extremely stupid - and late for an appointment - I accepted a ride from someone who stopped at my bus stop and offered. He turned out to be an exposer - and I feared for getting out of that situation. Luckily, he let me out where I told him too. It was harrowing.

Thanks so much for the detailed comment you left on my post today. I am surprised that with all you have to take care of and planning for the wedding that you have time to blog. You must be a wonderful person, both for the people you take care of and your fiance. I read what he said about you (below) and you are right - you are deeply loved. Best wishes on the wedding and many happy years together.