Sunday, January 13, 2008


Yes you read the title right. Last night (Jan 12/2008) was the Christmas/New Years party for the company Chris works for. Odd I know but I actually think it's a great idea to have it after the holidays. They always scedule it that way for some reason.

We are usually busy during Dec and frankly I am always a bit nervous going out evenings at that time of year because there are so many idiots on the road who have had a few drinks. I realize accidents can happen anytime, but in Dec the percentages just go alot highter.

The party was really something...held at a Sheraton Hotel..with over 500 ppl in attendance. The theme was Disco lol...the DJ was actually really good. Very entertaining. There were a few ppl who showed up in costume...very daring lol...but for the most part everyone was dressed in very nice soireé attire.

This year was the 1st yr I have attended the party...Chris has worked there for 4 yrs..the 1st yr he worked there, he went but I didn't want to go. He didn't attend the last 2. He usually hates those things.

I wanted us to go this year for a few different reasons.

1. I feel so much healthier this year.

2. I also feel alot better about myself.

3. I actually enjoy shopping for clothes now.

4. I wouldn't feel like a cow among gazelles.

5. I thought it would be alot of fun to have a special soireé of dinner and dancing with my husband.

Company xmas party 2008 2008, Chris' work party (Jan 12) Chris, ready for party My handsome husband

We were seated at a table with Chris' boss. Very charming man. The party was on a roll very early. People were on the dance floor as soon as they transfered us from the cocktail area to the dinning room. MOre often then not, the dance floor was full! The wine flowed as we had 2 entrés with a main dish along with breaded Calamari. There was alot of dancing, some door prices given out. Chris' boss won a $300 gift certificat lol! Then a million kinds of desert and coffee was set out for all to enjoy.

We had fun..danced up a storm and I also met alot of the guys that Chris supervises...all were genuinely happy to see their boss lol...He is very well liked..even as a boss, he gets the job done but treats everyone fairly..the former weekend shift all wish he would be their boss again..I'm proud of him..being a good boss is hard, being a good boss who is also respected but mostly liked, is even harder...but Chris is liked by everyone lol

Anyway, we left close to 1 am, then treated ourselves to an hour at the Montreal Casino since it wasn't far. We set a small amount to play with and stuck to it lol. Didn't win any big amounts but had fun...then got home after 3am.

After an evening in 5 inch heels my feet hurt so much I wanted to cut them off lol. I'm still heavy on my heels, maybe another 50 lbs lost will eleviate that somewhat , who knows, I think that we all suffer with heels no matter how much we wiegh...

So that was our night out for New Years this year.


Anonymous said...

Hun there is more reason to go to that party missing in your list, it is that your husband was the proudest man around, being so lucky to dance with the most elegant, classy, gorgeous woman of the party, YOU ARE HOT BABY !!!
Thank you for making my night, my life, such a sexy and exiting adventure..... I LOVE YOU

Bobkat said...

Hi Moon. I was on my way to visit when Michele directed me here!

It sounds like you had a great night and I am very glad that all those issues aren't holding you back from having fun anymore. Beleive me, I know where you are coming from with that! Your outfit for the night was lovely adn you looked fab in it :)

Star said...

You wore 5 nch heels! Bless you. Those days are over for me. You looked beautiful BTW. One place I worked held ther Christmas party in January. I always thought it was a good idea. Everyone is too busy before Christmas.

kenju said...

FIVE INCH HEELS??? How does that happen? Were they platforms? You make my feet hurt just thinking about that!

You looked lovely, and I like that top. The necklace sets it off perfectly.

That company is smart having the holiday party in January. Better yet - have it in June!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Hi, Moon, Michele sent me here.

Can I say you're gorgeous?? What a beautiful, friendly face you've got; I immediately want to be your friend. And Chris is a cutie, too!

Sounds like an awesome party. The Tour Manager's office party was fun this year, but nothing like yours! Wow! I'm envious!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Sounds like this was a GREAT Evening...And I think you are right...Everryone suffers in heels no matter what their weight..Well, maybe not everyone---Maybe Movie Stars don't...LOL!

I think it is really wonderful that the company has their Christmas Party in January..for the reasons you said, but also...Everyone is pretty partied out during the three weeks before Christmas...This way the party is really unique and special. Smarr Company!

It's great that you are feeling so good about yourself....! Bravo.

Anonymous said...

Michele sent me to let you know your husband's company is not the only one, the company I work for is having an onsite 'holiday' party on this coming Tuesday.

Melody said...

What a great idea to have this type of party in january! SOunds like a most wonderful night - good on you. It's nice to feel good about yourself - love it! And what - 5 inch heels? ALL NIGHT??? Gees, you are feeling good aren't you? *heehee*

Travelin'Oma said...

You look so pretty, all glammed up for the party! I don't think I could even stand in 5 inch heels, let alone walk. But I bet your legs looked unbelievable!

Unknown said...

You dont have to add this. I just wanted to say ty.

All i can say is ty. TY so much in sharing those good and not so good parts. I looked at the newest pictures of you, And see so much of a change, even the way you speak, seems different.

Maybe im wrong, but it feels like you have come along way.

Im just waiting for the pictures of Paris, well i just wait for anything you write. Instead of seeing the glass half empty you see it ha;f full. And i know just reading whats going through your head, gives me a spark that i can chamge things for me, Allowing those i call my friends, into my blooger was a step. So again ty.

Maybe im wrong.

Pat said...

You devil you! Going gambling after a night out! Good for you. You looked great and I sympathise about the feet.
The agonies I have suffered - but not anymore!

Granny Annie said...

Kudos to your husband's company for knowing how hectic the holidays are for working families and waiting for a time the employees can really celebrate and relax.

More kudos to Chris for his first comment on your post. If my husband tells me I look hot, it's because he thinks I am dressed too warmly. LOL

Strut your stuff girl. You look great.

Pez said...

We went to my husband's work Christmas (well, holiday) party that same night! lol I am glad you had a great time!