Sunday, February 26, 2006

Lunch Out

Yesterday was a great Saturday. I had the pleasure of spending time with an aunt of mine that I hadn't seen in years. We don't live that far away but you know how it is. Life gets away with you and everyone has their own thing going on so the few phone calls here and there fill the gaps with catching up.
This aunt was married to my mothers brother. He was the oldest in the family. My mom was the youngest of 15 children....YES I said 15 children!!!....The reason I mention this is because my aunt and uncle had there first child only 3 months after my mom was born lol. So in other words, my mother was an aunt at the age of 3 months old.....We just don't see things like that now a days lol.
My uncle died 31 years ago of MS. My aunt never remarried or even had a date with another man since. She is now 86 years old. We could be so lucky to be in her shape at that age. It truelly is incredible how well she is. Full of energy and sharp as a tac. She is always busy going out or singing in the church choir or playing piano or travelling across the country visiting with her own family. She had 6 of her own, one of which has alread passed.

So it was arranged for her and a cousin of mine (one from another aunt) to come to our town. It is my aunts bday and mine and then my cousin's within a short time of eachother this month. It was a great idea to get together. My aunt hadn't see my house.

Chris picked them up at the bus depot. Brought them here to visit untill my sitter came and we all went out for a chinese lunch.

Was so nice showing my aunt our home. She was very impressed with my little house. Loved the way I decorate and she just really filled me with pride. I think we always like approval from the older family members.....making them proud? Or is it knowing it will buzz across the country from one aunt to the other whether my house was presentable or not?...With some aunts (Ihave alot) I could really expect that but this one is such a sweety that everyone likes her.

My aunt also hadn't met Chris before either. While we were talking, Chris came into the living room with a tray full of our coffee's with the cream and sugar. She was so impressed that he would do that as to not interupt us visiting together. She stood up to give him a big kiss. I was impressed that he has thought to use the good china lol.......but then, this is Chris we are talking about. He never forgets the details lol.

We were off to lunch when my sitter showed up. We took them to our favorite chinese resturant. It has a terrific buffet so there is something for everyone. We all ate too much. The only awkward moment was my aunt arguing with us about the bill. We insisted having the pleasure of offering them lunch. I had visions of how it would look had I had to tackle an 86 yr old woman in the resturant for the got pretty cartoony in my head with her flying threw the air. ( I know, I'm not right in the head sometime)

We dropped my cousin off at her place in Montreal then went on to the Residense my aunt lives at. We hear so many horror stories of old folks homes that it was a real pleasure seeing one that is great. Granted my aunt is in good health so she isn't a high needs patient.

This complex was very nice, with a big indoor pool, music room, resturant, church, bank, store, billards and so on. Countless activities are planned every week etc. My aunt has been there 6 years now and loves it. Her little studeo appartment is just perfect. Small yes but also not alot to keep clean with a little kitchenette. She has an awesome view from her large belcony on the 4th floor looking onto the river thats on the northshore of Montreal.

We stayed to visit for awhile, she was happy to have met Chris and said she thought we were so cute together...(everyone says that, we are starting to get used to it lol) I take is as a great thing if ppl think that even after being together 4 years already! This, when our official honeymoon phase hasn't even started yet lmao!

Later, getting ready to leave, my aunt told us she would walk us back down Chris puts his coat on, he found another one of my red valentines notes in his pocket ...This is his good coat, not the everyday one...he had a huge grin on his we explained what it was. She thought it was halarious and again says ...SEE I told you , you are so cute together lol.

I personally find it too cute coming from this tiny 86 year old woman. But also heart warming of her to tell us how happy she was for me and us. I look forward to her sharing in our wedding celebration.

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