Thursday, February 09, 2006


Here is a contest posted on a blog by a husband looking for the perfect gift for his wife. How sweet...go give him some ideas ppl...gotta love him for it. I hope he takes my idea....well scratch that...rather, takes my Chris' idea lol...I sent him the ideas that Chris had for me last year...what a treat that was...just thinking about the thought he put into it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside..STILL!!!.... is the link to this man's blog..

And since I am talking about it, here is the link to my blog post from last year....Lucky Lady..That Would be MEEE

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Gastric Bypass Guru said...

Hey dollface,

Thank you soooooo much for sharing your v-day idea with me. It was added a bit past the contest dead line. Thank god for that. Your idea would have made choosing really hard.

Please dont be a stranger on my blog. I am super new at this and need good folks like you encouraging me along the way

Ciao Bella,

Craig T