Sunday, February 12, 2006


Yesterday was the day we took Ray our border out to shop for a nice new comfortable tv chair for his bedroom. The one he came with looked like it was plucked off the side of a dumbster 20 YEARS AGO!...Anyway, we had seen a nice leather one at cosco last week but I still wanted to price shop. We did and found that again, cosco had the best price by far. Ray tryed it out and happily declared he liked it. It is a fitting chair for a 53 year old gentleman to be comfortable in to watch his tv. His budget can afford it and the next thing on the agenda is a new tv stand/entertainment center. The one he has is actually a microwave holder on wheels....don't ask..I have no idea why. He has ample money in his account, and when too much is acumulated they risk losing it back into the system so I really don't know why at his age he didn't have some decent pieces of furniture of his own....So we bring chair home and Ray and Chris proceed to carry it towards the front door and somehow Rae lost a hold on it and it fell to the right into the snow. No harm done (to the chair) but as Chris was righting it and his hand passed infront of his face holding onto the chair, he noticed his finger was um NOT RIGHT.

He continues to bring the chair in the house and informs me nonchalantly that he thinks he did something to his finger. By his tone, I am really not concerned as he is still moving the big chair. Finishes that, then holds up the FREAKIEST FINGER I ever saw!!!

His left hand middle finger is totally shortened cause the middle nuckle socket had pulled out then came back to rest ONTOP of the part is was supposed to be inside was weird and painfull looking to say the least. He wasn't inicially in alot of pain but it was swelling rapidly. We did not want to just pull it given the gravity of the dislocation and we could not be sure it wasn't broken or had a hairline crack. So the rest of our day originally planned for our own shopping would be spent at the hospital emergency room. But as I said to Chris, there is a reason for everything so we will probably find out what that reason is.

In triage when he held up his freaky finger, even the nurse did a double take and said, OH WOW! lol...then we were sent off to another room to wait for the doc. Chris was in pain but being a hero and trying to keep me entertained lol. Doc arrives and I had to laugh because it was the same doc that was oncall the last 2 times I arrived with Luc by ambulance. I reminded the doc about my blind mute and he remembered emmediately, we then all laughed when I pointed at Chris and said that this was my fianceƩ and NOT another client lol.

Doc then got a big needle out to freeze the joint...Chris has never been bothered by any sort of needle. He can even watch as they prick him with them (something I can't do) so it was surprizing that after the doc was done, Chris was overcome by faintness. Maybe it was due to the doc touching it or the thought of the pending munipulations. Earlier the nurse touching it had turned his stumach. All I know is he lost all colour to his face and I swear I could see little birds flying in a circle above his head. As Chris took deep breaths trying to remain conscious the Doc got him a wheelchair to sit in so we could then go to xray. There ladies there then wheeled him into there for xray as he was still unsure of standing up for fear of falling on his face. We were then called back to a little room where the doc confirmed dislocation and proceeded to manipulate the finger and as he pulled, it made a loud TOCK! or POP sound EWWW. All while my Chris is like...OH WOW DID U SEE THAT, DID YOU HEAR THAT, HOW COOOOL WAS THAT!! LOOK HOW LONG MY FINGER IS NOW! WOW THAT WAS SO COOL!! just like a little boy...his colour was back , he was all excited and back to normal. We were sent back to xray just to make sure it was ok before splinting it. Without wheelchair this time we walk to xray and to the ladies he saw just 10 mins earlier he says LOOK, HE FIXED MY FINGER SO I CAN NOW WALK!!! they all cracked up. That man makes everyone smile or laugh everywhere he goes.

He got a cool silver splint and even a week off!! YES FOLKS!! a whole WEEK off. The doc did not hesitate because he had damaged ligaments/tendons...and given that Chris has to work in an aseptic/steril lab so has to wear 3 pairs of gloves along with a whole suit...he really can't do that with a splint. He has to go back next friday for a checkup.

As we are walking out of the Emergency, Chris sees the huge grin on my face and laughs. Wipe that grin off your face he says. I said, NO WAY...the reason u hurt your finger is so u could be HOME with ME this week hehe. Not only can u catch up on sleep among other things...u will be home for valentines day too!!! During this last 1 1/2 months of training he has been exhausted. Not only gets up at 5am, but training hard all day learning 4 different production proceedures in the pharmacutical labs. This is 4 times more then any other supervisor learns because once done, his task will be to over see all 4 during the weekend shifts where as all the other supervisors oversee their own production line during the week day shifts. So needless to say, he is tired. Usually falling asleep watching the tv by 8:30 trying heroically to keep his eyes open to spend time with me till I shew him to bed. And as everyone knows the weekends are far to short. Long story long, we miss eachother (incert violins here) We hope he takes his post sometime in March but in the meantime THIS WEEK OFF will do him alot of good for many reasons. (Incert shiteatin grin here) hehe.

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reesie said...

I think having him home for a week unexpected is the best Valentine's day present ever!! LOL,, HUGS to you both !!!