Wednesday, February 08, 2006


My dear friend Shannon just graduated from an intense year of Nursing school. BRAVO!! Shan...we are all proud of you.

Needless to say, Shan had lots of long hours in school then nose deep in books studying over this past year.

We spoke alot less often and communicated online even less but it was all for a good cause and we made sure to get caught up when we had the chance.

One thing I enjoyed doing this past year was provide comic relief during those times she was in school when her phone was showing Mobile in Yahoo. It didn't happen often but when it did I would rub my hands in glee with a wicked giggle and proceed to concoct some absolutely rediculous comment to sent as a text message on her phone.

If I wasn't asking about (my invented) professor Halitosis , I was giving her medical tips. This all in the vane of helping her in her studies ofcourse. What are friends for. I thought I would share a few of these with you.

..Did u know..fraternization is the art of spontanious fratering...that leads to a healthy fratter bone.
(texted back...I don't need to gett fratter then I already am lol)

..Cornicopia...term for a food condition..where by callusses are formed on the bottom of ones foot or feet that resemble any or all members of the Bush family or administration. a term used for anul retardation...or verbal diareah..usually used by the male of the species ...hense the snorfill lmao....

..Oral flatulanse is caused by verbal diahria and a Crest smile is caused by someone stuffing a tube of toothpaste up your butt.
(texted back....YOU DORK!)

..the fractal hipoclapsis is the means by wich the frontal lobe makes us see stars when We close are eyes really tight after wakeing up and seeing ourselves in the mirrorr
..ok, had a few typos in that one but its only cause my fractal hipoclapsis was activated a short time ago.

..just to help with your tests..the rapture bone is connected to the g-spot, connected to the orgasmic defibulator with the capacity to join with the male boneyalus..
(texted are single handedly the dorkiest person I know!)

..Stressed from studying? OK, take a reflex hammer and twang your orcipital dragnot...this will stimulate your brain profusus and help your better deal with the stress....HONEST...OR it will make your eyes cross permanently and turn your ears backwards.

..Last but not least....

Assticular-techbowel is the medical term for wich we calculate the amount of grey matter acumulated in the frontal lobe...or in easy means, you STUDIED YOUR ASS OFF...
(texted, i wish it was that easy to lose my ass!)

On more then one occasion Shan would ask me, as I am sure some of you may be asking the question....WHERE IN THE HELL DO YOU GET THIS STUFF?!?!

I have no idea ...and if I were to dwell deep enough to figure out where, I think it would scare me let's just all agree that it is a *special* brain compartment. It however did help Shan on some days when she desperately needed a good laugh or distraction. It was even uncanny sometimes how these silly text messaged arrived at the perfect moment out of the blue when she needed it the most , she would tell me later. I'm glad it worked and I had a blast thinking this crap up lol.


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Shannon said...

I think that *special* brain compartment came from either too many recreational drugs as an adult or from being dropped (repeatedly) on your head as a child.

Either way, it's all good cuz it came from the heart. Thanks for your love and support.

As always,