Friday, February 17, 2006


Last Sunday I posted about Chris' dislocated finger. Here is the original post if you missed it.

Anyway, Chris had to go back to the hospital to have it checked. Turns out he needs physiotherapy because it is still very stiff. His original appointment was scheduled for 2pm but he finally saw the doc at approx 6:30pm. A long wait no doubt but with good reason.

Our weather was horrendous today, even for CANADA...freezing rain and sleet with wind speeds of atleast 1oo klics ...There was a 60 car pile up on highway 40 so the hospital speakers announced a CODE ORANGE with all personel needed in the ER stat. They were grabbing cots and stretchers from all over to accomadate the rush of accident victims coming in. So far we know of one death.

As Chris was telling me...there were alot of ppl in the waiting room who had nothing better to do then bitch and moan about the wait. As Chris said to one man, he much prefered being one of the ppl waiting longer then one being rushed in from an accident. It only stands to reason under those kind of circumstances that ppl use there humanity and hope that ppl will be saved or cared for. But you know how it is, there are always those *special* ppl who always have to harp or bitch about something.
I certainly wouldn't wish an accident on anyone but if it were to happen to one of these moaning mona's I wonder how they would feel if an attending told them that even though they had just been in a serious accident, they would have to wait till the ppl sitting comfortably in chairs with appointments had their turn first.

I digress....So as Chris had some time on his hands, he went to the office where he knew his xray was on file from last without further adue....I present to you the ACTUAL XRAY of Chris''s really COOL!!! and you can now appreciate my discription of it on the other post lol.



Red Clover said...

Hey.. it's Febuary's Freaky Finger Friday.. woooo Try saying that 5 times fast.

ehem.. anyway. YUCK! lol I hope every heals up ok. Looks grisly.

JustSue said...

We heard about the multi-car pile up on the drive home from work. How awful! I am not surprised by the reaction of some of the people waiting at the hospital however. Just so typical of the "me" generation!

Chris's finger just looks too wild! Hope it's getting better!

Anna said...

O U C H !!!!

Poor Chris...give him some extra hugs and kisses from me.

Rae said...

Hey Moonie...
Lookit me I'm leaving you a comment :D

I heard of that pile up... it was nasty... aparently the same day there was another one with 40 cars or something like that in Ottawa...if anyone knows about that one go ahead and fill me in...

love the x-ray... and remind Chris of what I said 'memorize the whole moving a chair story and tell it to as many people as you want...but I know the truth...and gosh darnit quit fingering that woman so damn much and shit like this won't happen'

So ya up for some more gin?

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