Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Seriously!...Who decided that getting poison pumped, disproportionately fat lips was attractive? COMMON! Some of these actresses look like they puckered up and put there lips in the door jam and slammed the door!...Do they not see how obvious or bad it looks? Sheesh, they have lips that move as naturally as someone who is talking with woooden clothes pins on both top and bottom lip. It's a wonder they don't drool. Oh wait, maybe they do lol.

Don't get me wrong, if I had money to burn, I would certainly *help* a few things about myself but turning some things GROTESQUE isn't an option. What are these ppl thinking?...I saw that Meg Ryan was going to be on Ophrah and all I saw was the fake lips she is wearing. There was nothing wrong with her lips before! Or what's her name, .Lara Flynn Boyle, that's it..She can wear a rediculous tootoo at an Oscar night , looking so thin its sick, but she gets her lips pumped up so big, she can hardly get through a door. Same goes for Melanie Griffith...for the love of NORMAL LIPS!!! ....It's bad enough they do it to themselves and look rediculous but then they subject us to their ugliness.

You could argue that I could turn my tv off and your right I could. But it is one form of entertainment I chose to amuse myself with. This is another, blogging about things I want to blog about.

I just feel so sorry for these actresses that feel theY need to pump up their puckers. Hell, I agree that sensuous lips are just that. But when they are natural! Like Angelina Jolie is drop dead gorgeous, and her lips are all hers. One of my own sisters has beautifully full lips that I have always envied aswell. Again, she got them honestly! Neither one of them talk like a duck flapping it's beak!

The only way my opinion could possibly change is if I were paid money to slam some lips in a door jam to help them out. Atleast it wouldn't be poison injections lmao. Or if one prefered, I could invest in some boxing gloves, and punch their stars out..but with the result of a FAT LIP. lmao

Just trying to help....hehe...really, it's become such a joke how much some of these actresses get their lips OVER DONE someone they love should really tell them. In a subtle way ofcourse like....YOUR LIPS LOOK LIKE 2 AIRBAGS!...YOU LOOK LIKE AN ASS,SIDEWAYS... LITERALLY! or I THOUGHT THE DUCK BILLED PLATAPUS WAS EXTINCT..OOPS IT'S YOU!!
Need I go on?...I assume u have discerned my thoughts on the subject...if not...your thicker then some of the lips out there BADUMPBUMP!!!


Squirrels said...

I agree moon.!!! I hate those fake lips. Ruins their looks and turns pretty girls to trash.

Squirrels said...

I agree Moon!! It makes them look goofy. Turns a pretty girl into a freak. I want lypo and tummy tuck myself. But inless I find someone giving away that stuff free, then I never see it happening for poor ole me.

Utopia said...

Well, some men call them DSL - I'll give you a hint as to what it stands for, the last two words are Sucking and Lips. That should explain why some people find them attractive.

kenju said...

I agree! Lisa Rinna is another one who has lips so big they are grotesque on her face, especilaly since she has lost weight while participating in "Dancing with the Stars"..

Moon, thanks for the visit. I am so glad I am not under snow like that!

Jay said...

Everyone is trying to improve, and no one seems to notice that trying to improve makes you look worse, and quite pathetic.

Rae said...

you already know that I completely agree with you but I thought I'd post it here in your comments just to get it on the record... LOL