Wednesday, September 07, 2005


My laptop needs fixing so I haven't been online in the last week. I have a pc downstairs but I can not come down here during the day while Luc is up and frankly when I put him to bed after a long day I an zonked lol. Chris started training for his supervisors position this week so he is working weekdays now and has weekends home. Seems so odd lol. I actually look forward to him going back to the weekend schedule. I much prefer him being home 4 days a week then only 2 but hey thats just me lol.

Lots of stuff has happened in the last 2 weeks. I got totally screwed around by a company that is supposed to service and maintain my cooling and heating system. I signed a contract with them in May for the express reason of not having to worry about it.....first clue that something is wrong, they totally screw with me for 3 weeks on the phone, never once giving me a date they will send someone for repairs and never calling back when they said they of now, they have been send a registered letter written by us , to cancel our contract due to services not rendered and another registered letter with a copy of my official complaint report filed with the OFFICE OF CONSUMER PROTECTION or BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU....we will see how that turns out.
Since we have officially done that, Chris decided to fix it himself...(hadn't wanted to try before for fear of reprisal from service company yada yada) Since my dad was here a few days he and Chris were pretty sure it was just in need of a new thermostat. Well we got one and Chris sat down and read everything thouroughly and VOILA he totally fixed the thing!!! HE IS MY HEROOOOOOO!!!

Also...we promised my daughter that we would redo her room after we got back from holidays. Her and my niece removed most of the ugly wall paper on both was on there when I bought this house but before now it had never been a big priority to do her room. She will be 15 on the 20th of this month and she did great on the summer class she had to take so now is the time. She chose her colours and we went from there. I sold her big bunk bed that was a huge space eater and the other furniture she had. I got a trundle kind of bed but its not a drawer bed, its a matress that is underneath but when u pull it out, it pops up to same level as the other bed to make a king size bed. Great for company.

Cleo has shown a big interest in learning to play piano so my dad said he would buy her one. He had done the same thing for my sister's daughter a few yrs back and wanted to do the same for my daughter. I had hoped for a key bourd given I have NO ROOM for a piano in the house but she really wanted a real piano. So we went online, and found a really nice one for sale in the surrounding area...Chris did some research and went to look at at and we ended up with a good piano for a great is also a decent size...considered an apartment piano laquered and actually looks great in her room against the bright green wall lol. I also found a very reputable piano teacher close to us with 30 yrs experience and Cleo has her first piano lesson yesterday. She is really excited and teacher thinks she will learn quite fast......lets hope the honeymoon of lessons continues for a while lol.

We are just waiting for a few little accent peices of shelving to arrive for her room to be done. We are waiting for one secretairy kind of desk from IKEA that she will loved that is actually a PC desk but we will use for her little tv and vcr unit...and desk part will be for doing homework. Chris totally organized her closet with shelves and we have metal baskets and such....everything fits now so there is no need for any bureau for clothing now. Her room will look sleek and be really EASY to keep clean and organized....(A MOTHER'S FAMOUS LAST WORDS!)

As soon as the last peice is in I am taking pics to post our handy work. I actually can't wait till its all done.

I have a few other things to write about but I will keep them for later. Given my long windedness I will give u all a break for now lol. HUGS to all who still bear with me 0x0x0x


Shannon said...

"Her room will look sleek and be really EASY to keep clean and organized....(A MOTHER'S FAMOUS LAST WORDS!)"

Yanno the same could be said for my famous last words too! Let's pray that the new furniture helps to do the same around here!


reesie said...

Get that laptop fixed soon!!I miss seeing you post, only way to keep in touch with you these days since yahoo is a bitch. Hope Cleo's room is a smashing success!!

Carmi said...

Hi Moon. I continue to read your archives - as I do with other blogs I visit. I like going back in time to see what some of my favorite reads were up to months and even years ago.

I think your Dad's piano and lesson purchase is an amazing thing. The gift of doesn't get much better than that.