Wednesday, October 01, 2008


I just had to post this. When I was shopping last weekend with my daughter for her bday. We went into a kitchen store..and I just burst out laughing when I saw this knife holder! I am glad I found a photo of the exact same one online. It's apparently called the Voodoo Knife holder, I call it HALARIOUS LOL!

You just have to admit, the person who thought of this is either really funny, or just plain psycho! LOL

Knife holder!

On a totally different note...I was on my deck this week..when I heard the far away sound of the Geese. It's such an unmistakeable sound. I waited till they came into view. I wasn't dissappointed.

As fall is now here, it's the time for our Canadian Geese to migrate south. I never tire of hearing and seeing this spectacular display. I find it quite remarkable. The thought that they can fly 1000 miles at once is incredible. The V formation has been proven to be very effective in their ability to use aerodynamics ...we learn so much from studying wildlife.

The photo below is one taken by a friend of mine...They are a beautiful bird..and I just love that she captured this one standing on one foot lol. Thanks Amy..great pic.

Canadian Goose doing a one step?

As much as I would have loved to take a great photo of the canadian geese flying by my never turns out very good. I am thankful that my friend Amy found this really nice one for me. I wanted one of the geese flying in V formation.

I am always stuck with awe when I see this gift of nature in action. As I have read abit about canadian geese, I found out that they are among one of the most talkative birds...from birth they squawk to eachother loudly. It's the reason why we can hear them coming, regardless of how high in the sky they are.

I have found myself watching them and wondering what they are saying to eachother...and I amuse myself by making up convos like....

........Hey Bill, how you doing over there buddy? Want to trade places for awhile?

........Naw, thanks but I think Betsy over there needs a we have room at the back?

........KIDS! For the love of god, stop asking "ARE WE THERE YET?" I swear we will stop so I can tie your beaks shut!!!

Canadian Geese in formation

As the leaves turn colour and the canadian geese fly by...I know it will soon be time to fill bags full of leaves, clean the garden and flower beds. One of those days outside when you get rosey cheeks, breath in clear fresh air and feel good about preparing your yard for next year. Then we look forward to Thanksgiving then Halloween. There is something special about every season.....and as each comes and goes, we look forward to another.

This thanksgiving Oct 11th weekend...I am really looking forward to it. Chris and I have been invited to spend the weekend at a good friends house. She lives about 2 hours north of us. We don't see her often.

They just spent 2 weeks in our weekend will be to exchange all our stories and photos from France from both our trips. It will be so much fun to recount and share our experiences. Lyn also plans for the weekend menu to be typically french food....OMG I CAN'T WAIT!!

I will have more on that weekend, after it happens lol. 10 days and counting!


Star said...

The geese are mesmerizing.Fall is such a nice time of year. I think the same company that males the knife holder makes a tissue holder that you pull the tissues out through the nose

kenju said...

Nice post, Moon! I love the knife holder, and I don't know what it says about the designer....LOL

Your Canada geese stay here all year round! We must have about 10 thousand of them here in our area. I love watching them, and seeing how the papa goose takes care of his family.

Have a great Thanksgiving, and enjoy your visit. Travel safe!

Anna said...

It still freaks me out to think you guys celebrate Thanksgiving before Halloween, turkey before chocolate...guess it makes some sense. Ya know you could always come visit and have two Thaksgivings this year ;).

That's a really funny knife holder, I want one!


PI said...

When the Canadian geese take flight - it sounds like a play by Chekov:)

cindy wilson said...

I think I would buy the knife holder. LOL I have a weird sense of humor anyway. Yeah when I lived in Idaho the geese would fly over head and they do make loud noises but you got love them...I think They even fly over Kentucky or was I drunk at the time.. Oh well. Have a great time with your friends...


Natasha said...

The geese are truly mesmerizing. It's amazing. How do bird flocks find themselves in specific shaped movements? By the by, my purpose for stopping by was to compliment you on your blog (It is really amazing) and to ask you to join us at We're a site for women. You'll see what's so special about us when you visit. Looking forward. Cheerio :)