Friday, December 20, 2013


I couldn't wait to do this fun project on a quiet evening whilst watching a corny Christmas movie. Over the last cpl weeks I've been gathering little things from here and there. Mostly dollar store finds and things I already had. What's great about this is there are no rules.
I was inspired by a few similar projects using mason jars in pinterest. I had mason jars but found that the lids left very little room room to play with. So when I saw these larger cylindrical jars with wide lids at the $$ store I was thrilled!
I got 2 large ones, 1 medium one and I had the small one already. This is most of the things I used...
If you have xmas village figurines from an old village set or find them at a garage sale. Even small Barbie pieces could be used, your imagination is the guide! Most of mine are from the dollar store, but the top jar has some glass pieces I got last week for next to nothing. Two of my jars have a battery operated  street lamp. The wires are very little so I was able to carefully screw the tops while letting the wires to come out. The battery pack is hidden on the plate under the xmas balls I surrounded the bottom with. I shopped the rest around the house, like some candlesticks, tea light holder etc.......
  Even the simplest of my project, ALWAYS teach me something !
So as I started to assemble my things together, I happily glued my little scenes on the underside of the lids. All excited to put the glass jars onto find that after all that, my scenes were too deep in relation to the height of the lids. It still worked but I wanted to improve on it.
  My glue hadn't totally set so I removed everything to start again. Thankfully I keep everything, and after rummaging in the garage, I found some little pieces of scrap wood in a jar. I glued those to the lids THEN glued the figurines onto the little bocks, so they would sit much higher then previously...added more snow to hide the blocks and Voila...the scenes sit higher in the jars.

The little lights don't shine bright, but they are cute nonetheless ...

This is a great project to do with children...I know the little girl in me loved every minute of playing with this!!

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