Friday, July 20, 2007


Do you ever wonder about what happened to the ppl you grew up with or dated from your highschool days? Or on a related topic. Family members you never really knew well except for a few get togethers as kids for family funtions. I come from a big family, so we have cousins all over Canada.

Well, 2 very cool things happened to me recently.

A blast from the past.... I got a message though from an old bf because he saw that I had a profile in there. When I was 16 I dated a 19 yr old Hockey Player. Great guy, gentle giant at 6'4'' and my mom actually liked him! He had to move to another province to play more hockey eventually so we went our own ways.

It was very cool to hear from him and we have since exchanged our stories catching up on our families and lives. He is the proud dad of 4...yes FOUR children. Is a granddad of one and still looks great. Why is it that men age gracefully as they mature and women...(most of us) just get old? LOL

Secondly...I recieved an email from one of my cousin's wives. She happened on my blog and started reading it. My cousin Bob, (her husband) I had only met a few times growing up. On the other side of the country. Although we didn't know them very well, they were cousins I liked very much. Big group, 8 kids, so alot of fun. Very smart and funny. The word SmartAsses comes to mind but in a good way lol. I wished we lived closer together but that never happened. So it was such a pleasant surprise that the wife of one of these cousins should write me. Yet another good thing about blogging lol. We have now exchanged a few long winded emails, trying to cram in a bunch of information about our families and lives. It's great to hear about what's been happening in their lives and I can't help but feel that I may have made a friend for the future with Bonnie.

Here's to Blasts from the Past and

Friends for the Future.

Both of these stories can wear both of these titles.

Tell u have similar stories to share?


Catherine said...

I do think that some women age very gracefully, too. As long as you forget your ideas of what ideal beauty is, as seen in the media. I think the traditional idea that the man in a couple is older than the woman affects our view of ageing, but it's silly. Here from Michele's

Sara said...

Hello, Michele sent me....

Blasts from the pasts - they can be lots of of my high school friends got in touch a few years ago...we met up for dinner...and we still e-mail each other...

My daughter who just turned 31 was in touch with several of her high school friends recently...she was excited about it...

MorahMommy said...

I find the internet a perfect place to find an old friend or long lost family member.

I was very close with a cousin of mine. We called each other the secret twins.

She got married and moved to Whitehorse and after a couple of letters (long before email)I never heard from her again.

Just last month I found her. We've "talked" through emails and once by phone.

We are both thrilled to have reconnected. Our youngest sons (six months apart) are named for the same person.

Thanks for sharing your stories.

Michele sent me, but I would have come to see you anyway! :-)

BreadBox said...

I have lots of stories like that, but I have only been blogging for a few posts -- and need to keep some secrets for a little while. Give me a week or so.

Michele sent me to say that I really enjoyed this post, precisely because it does resonate... and one day I will post some of these types of stories.


Awareness said...

Hi Moon!

Yes! I can relate....just last year I was blasted from the past from many angles. The camp I used to work at (my second home) closed and a reunion was organized and held. Before the big weekend, a website was created and long lost friends and campers came a calling. It was so wonderful....and we have since kept in touch. Most I hadn't seen since those days because I moved to the Maritimes and lost touch.

I love being reconnected because it was such an integral part of my life and who I am now.....

great post......Michele sends her regards.

R. Sherman said...

Hi. Thanks for visiting.

I don't know if this counts, but I wrote a St. Patrick's Day post about something my Dad experienced in WWII as a Navy aviator. A year later, the daughter of one of his shipmates discovered the blog and sent me a long e=mail. Her Dad was a hero and he never told her the story.


P.S. Although you're from Quebec, I'm glad this isn't in French. Unless somebody needs to know where Philippe is (dans la cuisine), I'm pretty much toast.

kenju said...

Yes, I have been found by 2 or 3 people whom I knew years ago. One of them was a crazy guy and I didn't need to be found by him, so I put the kibosh on that right away...LOL. Thanks to the ease of email, I am now in touch daily with 4-5 people I went to school with. It is nice to be able to stay in touch so easily.

Jennifer said...

I can relate...I just joined Facebook today and have spent the afternoon catching up with old fun!!
Did you just get married? *eyeing ticker up above* If so...congrats!
Here from Michele's! Lovely to meet you!

cindy wilson said...

Thats happen to me this year. 3 people have contacted me that I went to high school with and another that I knew for years and just lose touch.Funny thing about all of them, after first getting in contact with me and saying very few words I don't hear from them maybe every now and then I will get a forward....You get all excited then depressed because they are emailing you back....I truly spend too much time on the computer. LOL


Ramona said...

I have come across a few old friends through Facebook.
One was an Ex, and I'm still hesitatingly wondering if I would rather he not have contacted me.
One is a boy from highschool, and ya, that's kind of fun to tcatch up.
Your ex bf sounds a lot more interesting than mine!