Sunday, July 29, 2007


Some of my friends have heard me speak about Second Life (SL) but most have no idea what it looks like. Photo's really don't give it justice but you get a pretty good idea. I finally uploaded a bunch of pics to share our SL with anyone interested out there.

I have only posted a few on here directly but if u want to see more, just click HERE to see more.

When Chris and I started in SL, only last Oct/2006 there were aprox 1,500,000 members. ....YES, thats 1.5 million members from all over the world. We fell inlove with the concept and it also gave me and Chris a fun hobby to play together in. The other very attractive thing about SL is although we have met ppl of all ages and countries , we have mostly met ppl of in our age range. It is a world that has many ppl from 30 to 60....There are very young ofcourse but the average we have been meeting are as I stated above. It's part of the reason we and others enjoy it as much.Since Oct..SL has grown from 1.5 million members to .....aprox 8.5 million members! Brand names have started to take notice and have been putting their own products and services in SL themselves. It's becoming a very interesting market.

This pic below is of Chris and I sitting on our chaise longe in the bedroom of our hut. Chris looks alot like himself in SL, it's uncanny really. I however don't really lol. I have red streaks in my hair for real but they don't have that option in SL, so I like just being a red head...and well, let's face it, my body ROCKS in SL. LOL Do I ever love shopping in there lol.

Chris and I relaxing on the chaise in our bedroom

This is us on a comfy rug infront of a stream. Behind us you see some of the rental huts. Since we have been in SL...we have learned alot about how it works. There is so much to do if u chose to. Chris and I decided to venture into having out own island in SL. It's an investment but because business is so ends up costing us nothing and we even make abit of money each month. Many are in it for the bucks. We are in it to enjoy and break even. Many are in it just to play and check stuff out. Or u can get a job that pays money...or create your own objects that u can sell. Like clothing, furniture, limits.

A good friend of mine named Trinity and I, even have a small second hand store in SL. It's true lol. We sell some furniture, clothes, pose balls or all sorts of odds and ends. Our store is called TRINITY MOON TREASURES... has a nice ring to it eh lol. We will soon be selling out own jewelry line. She is a programmer in real life and I have always been abit of an artist. So we have pooled out talents and together with time, we will open a jewelry store. I have already designed a few collections so I look forward to selling some. Trinity is one of my yahoo chat buddies. We met online atleast 6 yrs ago. I got her into SL and she loved it also.

We have met ppl from all walks of life in SL. Business ppl, lawyers, architects, programmers. You can see typing in many languages also. It' s very cool.

On a comfy rug together...see huts in the background

Below is an over view of just one part of our island. You can see some of our rental huts. Yes, ppl actually rent out huts to live in. Our island has many amenities for everyone living on it. It's a SL paradise. The other side of the island has larger land plots for ppl who want to pay abit more to put down their own house and landscape it the way they want. For the most part, except for 3 plots on the island, I landscaped everything myself. I planted most that u see and furnished all the huts and areas myself. Like the house we live in, the tiki bar area, all the little details from the koi fish in the pond to the champagne and chocolates in the Romantic Gazibo. The shopping for all the things I used was as much fun as the placing. It's all tedious work but rewarding. Chris is the tech half of our partnership lol...I would be lost without him. He does the stuff like make the signs...set u the rental boards that ppl click on to pay the rent, or to teleport dirctly to any given hut. So we can show a potential renter any hut. He manages the surf waves and the terraforming (land changes needed....digging, or smoothing the sand out when building etc) He deals with different scripts and stuff like that.

Overview of one side of the island

All in all, we are very proud of the island paradise we have built. Many ppl who found it, have yet to leave lol. We often have a waiting list of ppl wanting to rent a place with us here. This may all sound very odd or silly to many and thats ok lol. The important thing is that we enjoy it. We meet alot of very interesting ppl. It's another form of chat, all be it very differnent and Chris and I can do it together....given I am home for my job, this is one activity we can do together, that isn't just watching tv.

Have a look at the SL photostream to get a better look at what I am talking about. Next time we go ballroom dancing or see some interesting new places...(because there are hundreds!) I will try to remember to take more pics to add to this folder.

I am curious to hear what u think.....OR ...have u been in SL yourself??


kenju said...

That kind of thing doesn't appeal to me. I have so little time for anything more on the computer, since I spend about 6 hours a day on it, sometimes more. If you enjoy it, that's great.

kenju said...

Here I am again. Moon, thanks for the comment about the nails. I will answer it in my comments.