Monday, December 29, 2008


NOEL 2008

Our Christmas is actually on the Eve. We have always opened our gifts at midnight on xmas eve. However, before that happens, we usually prepare a buffet for the evening. Everyone munches on that and usually go back for more many times lol. Cleo and her cousin Chantal below doing just that.

NOEL 2008

Each year I make a few old tryed and true things like egg salad sandwiches and ham sandwiches..we also have lots of crisp veggies with a choice of dips, cold cut platter, coleslaw or salad etc. This year Chris wanted to add some new things so he came up with a few new hors doeuvres as did I.

To help organize our work, Chris came up with a cute system. He wrote each dish we had planned on a post-it note, and stuck them on the cubboard door. We had so many that it made it easier to see them written out for we finished one plate he would stick the corrisponding note onto another cubboard door..made it easy to keep track . Below is what that looked was a great idea lol

NOEL 2008

This is the list, some of which may not sound yummy to some(especially in english lol) but they were all devine! delicious! delectable! I assure you!

Canape au fromage bleu et noix (blue cheese & nut canape)

Canape au chevre et raisin (goat cheese & grape slice canape)

Pruneau au bacon (prune rolled with bacon)

Viande froide (cold cuts)

Croutes du crevettes et poire( Shrimp/cheese & pear cups)

Couronne de crevettes( Shrimp platter)

Legumes cru et trempette (Veggies with 3 different dips)

Morceaux de fromage et autres ( Cheese plate with pickes, olives etc)

Salade de choux (Coleslaw)

Canape au Sammon fume et creme freshe( Smoked salmon with fresh cream with chives)

Canape au foie gras (goose liver canapes)

Champinions farcie (stuffed mushrooms)

Sandwich au jambon et oeufs ( egg & ham sandwiches)

Served with a local Ice Cider we love.

We had deserts of chocolate fudge I make each year , home made cookies, and an assortment of 4 types of individual cheese cakes that were to die for..(that I didn't make myself)

NOEL 2008

NOEL 2008

This was the food portion of our program today lol. Hope you I wish we hadn't eaten it all! I am hungry again!


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

YUm Yum Yum! It all sounded very very delicious to me...English or French!
You go to a great deal of trouble to make your Christmas Eve very very special...And I bet everyone adores it all!
That Fudge.....Mmmmmm! That sounds absolutely fabulous!

And now, on to New Years!


Star said...

It all looks delicious. It all also sounds more fantastic in French than in English! We cut back on the food this Christmas Eve, and we still over did it. Happy New Year Moon.

Melody said...

Are you kidding? YUMMMMMMM - oh so many delicious food items - good for you and well done.

Okay, book me in for next year's Christmas Eve. I am there.

Shannon said...

Oh holymothermaryofgod does all that look good, except for the shrimp *steps carefully away* I love the candy cane shaped bread. It all looks wonderful.

Did ya save any for me?

Pez said...

Wow - it all looks so yummy!