Friday, January 02, 2009


NOEL 095

My tree above, has no ryme or reason. It has old things and new. treasures of all sorts..some given as gifts, others made by hand either by my sister, myself or ornaments handed down to me that are very old. I took a bunch of closeup photos like this..I purposely didn't use the flash to get that glow that makes it a Christmas tree. Each year, when I do the tree, each thing I take out of the box to put on the tree means something to me. Each has a memory,each are special.

NOEL 110

For some odd reason, Tayo just has to be under the tree. As soon as I put it up, just like last year, he seems feel like it's his place. As I added presents underneath, he had less and less room to sit..till finally there was none lol. Just as soon as we got rid of them xmas eve after midnight, he was right back under there lol.

NOEL 107

Each year, I put up string to hold all the xmas cards we recieve..the paper bow you see in the middle is one of my favorite decorations. My sister Nicole made it for me years ago, the bells hanging from it, are actually little painted seed pots...I take it out each year.

NOEL 103

This is my rustic Santa, the little tree he holds actually has tiny lights lol. He gets a spot on the entry table, next to my umbrella stand.

NOEL 2008

My daughter Cleo and her bf Francis. He also happens to be a neighbour. Nice guy , we like him alot. He is also a musician. Or should I say, starving artist lol. I will add some links of his band on another post..they have actually appeared on TV a cpl times,on Musicplus the french equivilant of Muchmusic here.

NOEL 2008

Christmas Eve, Keyshawn and Cleo had fun together...It was great having a little one here to open gifts. Nothing like the stars in their eyes when they open a gift!

NOEL 2008 playing monopoly

That evening, we played good old Monopoly. As you can see all the Hotels on there..I was the first one out lol. It was cut throat let me tell ya...See the look on Chantals face? If looks could kill!


So those are just a few pics I loaded to flickr..double click on anyone of these to see all of them. We had a quiet but very nice Christmas season.

Lastnight..New Years Eve, it was just Chris and I sharing a bottle of Ice Cleo was out with her bf and the clients were in bed. We couldn't have been happier.

I can look back at the last year and be thankful for many special memories..and hope many more will follow in the new year to come.

I hope your wishes for the new year come true and good health abounds to enjoy them!


PI said...

Looks like you had a lovely family Christmas - even the dreaded Monopoly which can cause WW3. All best wishes to you and yours for a happy healthy 2009:)

Granny Annie said...

Your photos are great. Sometimes they won't all open for my slow computer but I love what I can see. I want your Rustic Sants!!!

Happy New Year!

kenju said...

A prosperous, healthy and happy new year to you and your family, Moon!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you had a wonderful holiday....the pictures are wonderful....Happy New Year, love,Fran

Melody said...

Happy New Year to you too Moon.

I love your photos and the sense of belonging they portray to us here looking at your post....

TravelinOma said...

We had a dog that looked just like your dog. So cute!

The Witch Doctor said...

Hey! I saw my christmas card to you in the pic of the cards...

I'm glad you had such a good gathering for your christmas :)

Everyone looked very happy... well except during the very intense Monopoly game. :)

Hope all is still well with you and Chris :)

Pez said...

Happy New Year!