Friday, January 09, 2009


This is UMANY. A new rock group based in Quebec that are really good! You may accuse me of being abit biased but that's ok lol. They are still good! Most out there will still enjoy the tune, regardless of it being in french.

The guitarist, who you only see in shadow and rain on the video is my daughter Cleo's, boyfriend. He is also our neighbour 2 doors down and is sincerely a really nice guy. He not only plays the guitar but does ALOT of the producing and editing and painstaking work behind the scenes of their music.

They have appeard on tv's MUSIQUEPLUS, the french equivilent to MUCHMUSIC here in Quebec and countless radio interviews. Check out their UMANY website.

Please go visit Cleo's bf's site also..FRANCIS DUCHESNE ! He does plan to do some english music in future also.

I sure hope all their hard work starts to pay off! Doing what you love is great but being a starving artist get's old lol. It's far from easy street and being on tv changes nothing, it just helps get exposure. Like Francis said in an interview...It would be really nice to put more then just $10 of gas in my car at a time lol....I hope for them that things will get easier. They have some shows and festivals lined up for this year.....fingers crossed!!!

I posted this photo of Cleo and Francis, last post but here it is again.

NOEL 2008


kenju said...

I'll wake mr. kenju if I listen to it now, but I'll be back tomorrow.

Bob-kat said...

They rock! Great tune and doing some songs in English will certainly give them more mainstream appeal I should think :)