Monday, February 10, 2014

Beginnings of much more to come...Bare with me ...

Finally putting some of the theory we've been learning for the past 4 months to practice!! The last months have been as interesting as they were a bit intimidating. I was worried that it wouldn't sink in to be  honest. I wasn't the best student back in the day ...and well, Science...was worse...Unless you count the yr we had a hot science teacher ! I was somewhat more motivated that year LOL.

After xmas our professer Stephanie Plamdondon  launched the production phase of our courses. Starting with the chapter on soaps. I can honestly say that watching assembly and techniques helped to connect the dots in terms of the chemical reactions we learned about. The science makes more sense when you see it in action so to speak. I also really enjoy how Stephanie teaches. She makes it interesting and answers all of our endless questions. I've learned so much these past months and look forward with much anticipation to each week that unfolds!  That will still take me yrs to know all those $20 words. .. I'm still debating a venture into the glycerin soap she made last week. Lot's of additional steps. They are clearly beautiful soaps though.....haha! get it~ ;-) ..I know, a groaner! My husband would be so proud!

Anyway, for this chapter we have to make 2 soaps for our homework. A solid soap and either a glycerin soap or a liquid soap. The calculations that have to be worked out are quite impressive if I do say so myself. Took me near 5 hrs to get all the different values for each given oil/ingredient in my soap to work out the exact amount of Sodium Hydroxide you need in order for it to become soap!

Of course I had to make things easy by starting with a soap that has at least 26 ingredients in it! But it's the most important soap I will ever make, so I might as well do it now , work out the kinks if needed. It's absolutely ridiculous to have as much as I do in there but it incorporates almost all the ingredients of a melt and pour soap I had formally used to make an eczema, psoriasis soap that made huge differences in my husband and my moms life! As I'm now making from scratch, I need to repeat the same results but with an even better soap.

So now I have my recipe in hand...ALL the  precious ingredients I need. Most of which I get at Noblessence in Montreal .....All the tools and protective gear is ready to go.......Ready to go!.......Hello!!! Ready to go!!!

Ok, I'm nervous!....Really NERVOUS!

I'm sure soap makers are having a good chuckle over this apprehension for not so big a deal but
I doubt I'm the only one who was super intimidated about the 1st step of combining the Sodium Hydroxide with liquid causing a chemical reaction that heats the sodium immediately. All the precautions have to be taken for safety.
-Ventilated area, either outside or safe place away from ppl, (garage)
-Protective eye gear....check
-long sleeves, apron....check
-face mask for fumes ..check
-long rubber gloves......check
-all ready to go............check

Oh get on with it!!!....(I can't tell u how many times I rechecked everything)
How exciting ... No?
I want the temp to cool down so putting this in abed or snow or ice does the trick.
As my sodium cools, now I can start to assemble all my oils ...
I've already weighed all my first melt slowly...and cool off before combining with sodium. Below are just the ingredients being added AFTER trace! To Super Fat my soap and add all the beautiful essential oils that give it the properties needed to sooth Eczema & Psoriasis .
My Sodium is cooled down, my oils are between 30c-40c...So it's time to combine!! The moment of truth!.....Oh look how lovely that is ! (I know I'm talking to myself at this point)
After trace is attained ( kinda like when u get peaks with whipped cream...light trace is when u see slight marks that stay on the surface. That's when it's time to add your powders, exfoliates, essential and super fat oils if desired.
Yummy .... ;-)
My PRECIOUS Oils............... (in my best Gulum voice)
Needs a bit of colour...
I'm loving this rich green!
Pour into molds
This makes 1 kilo. so 10 soaps of aprox 100g.
I wanted to make some 50g sizes also...
I've sprinkled some with dry calendula petals as garnish.
The soap itself has ground calendula , oatmeal & goats milk powder, all for their therapeutic properties among other things.
I've also used some of my own oils infused for 6 weeks with calendula, hibiscus, chamomile.
Time to cover my pretties and set aside in a cool place to rest 24 ours before unmolding ...
Now comes another fun part!

My pretties are ready to cure for 4-6 weeks! I put garnish on half.... Curious how it will look and feel once hardened.
These are extremely rich soaps! The cost is redonkulous but their properties attest for every cent! I will have to sell these for at least $10 each. It's a lot but definitely worth it!
I've already started another beautiful floral face soap with a 2 colour technique....
Hope they turned out the way I hope, but won't know for another 24 hours :-)

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