Friday, February 14, 2014

Have Thoughtfulness or Consideration been misplaced?

I've noticed such a lack of basic consideration or thoughtfulness in people over time. Or maybe I just assumed that most people practiced it because I try to. Such simple steps, most of the time can make the biggest difference in a person's day.

 Letting someone in front of a line who has only a few items compared to your full cart, offering a right of way in traffic, I'm rarely in a hurry. Picking something up off the floor if someone has dropped something or even holding the door open for the ppl behind you! I'm amazed how often I see the door swing in the face of others more and more often!

 To CONSIDER how your actions can effect others is certainly a big one. To sum it up simply I guess just being KIND makes for a thoughtful and considerate person. Which brings me to today...

Today is Valentines day.
 Chris and I had booked out sitter for today. Not really because it was Valentines but because our sitter happened to be free today and we had a bunch of errands to run. We figured we could grab a nice meal like we usually do .
Our sitter is a lovely lady we've had working for us for many yrs. She divides her time working for us and another foster family caring for handicapped people like we do.

Last night we were expecting our sitter to come spend the night here because a big storm was hitting around 10pm. She was working at the other residence and rather then drive all the way home then come back here for 10am tomorrow morning with all the added snow on the roads, it was just smarter for her to come straight here instead. She even reminded them that the storm would hit and she hated to drive in it when it can be avoided. Hoping they could be back for around 10 pm....

So by 11pm we were looking outside at the ugly conditions and I just knew that Marthe would hate driving in that! and wondering if she had left yet. I said to Chris that if she hadn't , I would give her the choice of going home instead of coming here. I know how nervous she gets ...I figured our plans could wait for another day, nothing that important. However for her, knowing she could go home to your own bed and not worry would be much appreciated!

This is when Chris admits to me that he had made Dinner reservations at a nice restaurant for us...AWEEE...Just knowing he had thought ahead made me happy...I don't even need to go ...Just the thought was enough!

When I called, she was so relieved...and still waiting for the others to arrive. So the plan was that she would call us today if the conditions improved and come for the afternoon instead and if not that was totally ok also.

She called this  morning to say they hadn't arrived till close to 1am! It was horrid conditions and she wasn't impressed...especially when they said, ...Oh we passed the time at a friends house having coffee haha...Totally forgot that you wanted to leave around 10, Our Bad!...

Now I know we all have those moments but this happens all the time with them. It's inconsiderate, thoughtless and just outright selfish. Just 2 weeks ago, she had told them to be home around the same time as she had a early morning drive to go celebrate her granddaughter's bday with family...They arrived after 2pm so by the time she got home , she was to exhausted to make the trip the next day and missed the party!!!
 Yes we can say she needs to work for someone else and not put up with it and I agree. But I also know that we get attached to our clients , it's the same for the sitter who 's also cared for them for yrs. Also, being on a fixed income , it's not easy to just drop a job just like that. If I could afford to hire her for more hours then I do, I certainly would!

So on the phone with her today, I had no problem telling her to stay home and relax today, it was our Valentines present to her lol! To which she responded...It's often the least expensive gifts that make the biggest impact. I truly appreciate it more then you know!!

As for us...well we have everything we need to spend a lovely Valentines Day ! Each other!!....along with four handicapped men to share the love LOL ...(we have chocolate surprised for them all for supper time ) Oh the joy such little things produce is all worth it!!

This week I've gotten more then a few handmade Valentine hearts and cards constructed at their program ! Today I was surprised with this lovely bouquet from Chris... How lucky am I!

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