Thursday, December 16, 2004

Dogs can send Christmas letters too

As of this week in December, it has been one year since we adopted our little dog from the SPCA. We love this dog to bits. Hard to imagine life without her now. So a few months ago I had this cute idea. I figured that with all the adoptions they handle , there are certainly a few of the animals they say good-bye to that they would love to hear back from. Like are they ok, is the family good to them? I would bet not many call back to say "All is well, our animal is adapting well to us."So ....

We printed off a pic of our cute pouch Shinoo, using half a page then bottom half was a letter from Shinoo herself ...yes I do realize that dog speak is difficult to comprehend but I am gifted that way, why else would some affectionately call me bitch?

So Shinoo (with my help) writes that since xmas coincides with her one year anniversary in her new home, she wanted to send them a greeting and update. She couldn't be happier with her new family and as evident in the photo she is also able to follow the latest trends in hair care and styling as per her own instructions to her *mommy. She feels very loved and gets lots of affection and could not imagine being with anyone else. She also thanked the SPCA for the great care they gave her before this family adopted her. Had they not been there for her then, she would not be living the life she is now........ then signed her paw..

She then got abit mushy and I will respect her privacy by not going into that. So we then put her letter with pic in a nice card that the family all signed and voila. I hope they appreciate some good news from one of the animals they cared for. They had told us last year that she had been there for some time and many of them had become attached to her. Had I been one of them I think I would have liked to know how she was doing . I also think the SPCA don't get enough thanks for the good work they are doing. I hope our small gesture made someone smile the day they got it.

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Squirrels said...

whooo hooo doggie christmas cards!!!