Saturday, June 25, 2005


A few of our friends know that Chris applied internally for another job. He is presently an analyst in a pharmacutical company. He works weekends 12 hours a day and mondays for 8 hours. We LOVE this schedule because he is home 4 days a week. It's pretty decent especially given the job I do at home, he helps me alot. The down side is he has wanted to get away from analysis and working with chemicals.

He had an idea he would get a promotion in the lab but it also meant going back to an old schedule of evenings, 5 days a week. YUCK! I know one shouldn't complain but when he did that schedule in the past, it seemed like he was never home. Not to mention 4 more trips a week, more gas, wear and tear on a vehicle at 45 mins each way sure adds up in a year.

SO, he decided to apply for another weekend posting. Like he said, although it was a big jump up, he had nothing to lose from trying. It took 3 different interviews, fingers crossed, long waiting for the answer. Always assuming he wouldn't get it because others in the plant who were higher up then Chris didn't even get it. We knew who HADN'T gotten it oddly enough but Chris didn't get any info on his status either way. This is a Supervisor's position in production over the weekends...only diff with the schedule is that he will be working Fridays instead of Mondays...WORKS FOR ME lol

We got the news this week that he GOT THE JOB!!!

Then we had to wait another day for the official OFFER on paper. You know, the pertinent information like WHAT IT PAYS! and all that good stuff.

When it came in, we had to read it more then once. Then we jumped up and down with glee like 2 idiots in the living room. It basically works out that he will get a 43% raise!!! IS THAT COOL OR WHAT?! AND that doesn't even include the 10% bonus at year end!....We are thrilled to say the least on so many levels. The schedule and the pay increase. I am so proud of Chris. His present boss even tryed to offer him more money to stay in his department but he couldn't compete with the schedule. It would have been the evening shift 5 days. He declined but it was nice to know he was very appreciated nonetheless. He is not sure when he starts the new job, it's a matter of replacing him where he is so it could go till summers end.

We have been having alot of fun Chris and I, joking about his title etc. I have been calling him Mr Supervisor and he has been saying JUST CALL ME SUPER FOR SHORT lol...or when we went shopping I chose a nice pair of pants, and he says, U can buy them, your a SUPERVISORS partner now lol...and on and on...he is just so tickled about getting this job and I have to add, he has a spring in his step and I think he even stands a little taller. He is NOT a braggard or egomaniac..he is actually very humble, I AM THE ONE WHO LOVES TO BRAG ABOUT HIM and as far as I am concerned, he is a constant fountain of bragging material....



Anna said...

That is absolutely the best news I've heard in awhile. Congratulations Chris, if anyone deserves do.

Now, let's talk about when I might be receiving a special lil note card in the mail about some formal lil gathering somewhere up in Montreal :p.

*hugs and kisses* I love you both.

JustSue said...

Congratulations Chris! WTG!!! Excellent news! *beaming from ear to ear for the both of you*