Saturday, June 04, 2005



Ya I know, overkill? You may think that but your WRONG!...Let me explain.

Chris and I finally got our vehicle back so we went out for the day...YAY!!
Part of our day was just some running around but we were happy to do it. We went to a mall walked around some and stopped off at a pet store to have fun looking at the babies lol. Let me just say that I have wanted another little dog for a while now. I love our Shinoo so much I figured it would be great for her to have a little friend to play with.....hey! stop with the eye rolls people..I saw that!

I have seen little adorable puppies many times and was able to walk away. This time I was not able to do it for some reason. Ok, she is absolutely adorable and is all of 2 lbs, and when she saw me in the window, she stood up with both front paws on the glass looking at me as if to say, take me home....but oddly enough, it's not untill a 2 days later that I found out the real reason she was meant for us.

We are pretty sure our new little Bichon Maltais is EPILEPTIC.... she had a siezure day after we brought her home, then another yesterday, so we called the vet afiliated with pet shop, because for the guarentee purposes we had to gt her checked out within 15 days anyway. When I told her about the siezures, they asked if we could come in right then. Luckily my sitter had no probs staying longer so we did. ....They took a blood work to have anylised but in the meantime we were given meds for her to start anyway just incase we could control the siezures to reduce brain trama....poor little thing. ..The vet was frank...she said she would recommend us taking it back in exchange for another. WELL, that aint gonna happen...just the idea of it makes me sick, thinking of what would probably happen to her and lets face it ...I'm a sucker for the under DOG (no pun intended) and given the fact that I already have 2 epileptics under this roof, I don't see adding one more being all that difficult. Besides, she and Luc had simultanious siezures during the night last night. Chris took one, I took the other and we were pretty sure we wouldn't have any more probs during the night.

THAT is why I couldn't leave that dog at the store. I am a firm believer that there is a reason for everything...that puppy needed a family equipped to handle her needs. So Clochette (pronounced Closhette) is here to stay.

My digital camera needs a new battery so I couldn't take a pic of her yet but I found a pic of another bishon maltais that is same age and looks almost identical to ours. Look at that face and tell me you would be able to take it back.
Image hosted by
Didn't think so.....Now you know how I feel.


Shannon said...


It's a white baby wookie!

I'm so proud of you for keeping her, I don't think that there is another family better suited to have her.

*prays Chris gets that promotion and makes more money to pay for the drugs*

Shannon said...

*~*~*~* Correction *~*~*~*

Not a white baby wookie......but a white baby EWOK!!!

Still toooo cute for words!

Amanda said...

Awwww Puppy. You did a great thing, I would have probably have slapped the vet for suggesting an "exchange".

JustSue said...

Awwww...what a cutie!

lab munkay said...

Smooch that baby one for me eh? Just keep her away from a hot cooking stove and she'll be fine. (Thats what the dr. alway said bout my epileptic auntie anyway.)

Squirrels said...

Ok it is a cute dog. I guess you sucker like me.