Saturday, November 19, 2005


Ok people get your minds out of the gutter. Although sweet, tender, moist and delicious, I am NOT referring to sex...although that could infact discribe my wonderfull sex life hehe.....I digress..

This summer while on holiday, my dad drove us a couple hours out of Regina to a small town where my dad grew up and where I was also born. There are still family there. One uncle has a farm close by and there is an aunt who lives in town alone and yet another uncle who's wife has run one of the local salons for years. She still does and ALSO runs the town bakery! She took it over a couple yrs ago and doing a great job. My aunt Terri has spunk if ever I saw it and is one of the sweetest ladies there is.

So we arrive in town and stop off at my aunt and uncles place. He later took us over to give us a tour of the bakery. OMG...just imagine the decadent aroma of fresh breads and pasteries. He shows us all the ovens and churning tools and how some of the stuff is made. It was really quite fascinating seeing how it all works in the back of a bakery and also how spic and span it was kept even after a full days work. The shop was about to close so once in the front...seeing all the yummy stuff behind the glass counter I was ready to buy some stuff before we left with uncle to go eat at a nearby resturant. Uncle would have nothing of it. He said we would come back after we had supper for some desert.

Let me just interject something at this point lol. Before leaving on vacation, Chris and I already had a talk about the whole diabetese thing. He is always my helper but he totally gets that holiday means holiday aswell so it was understood that I would be less vigilant with the control of my sugar/carb intake, just as long as I took my meds religiously.

So we have a great meal at the local chinese resturant where dad told us stories of that same place being there when he was a kid but it was like a resturant/soda fountain place then. How he punched one of the guys in the kitchen for being a jerk to his older but slower brother. (who died just a few yrs later) Dad was drop dead gorgous and the second youngest of 18.....YES...18 KIDS...and has never had a mean bone in his body.

Well supper is done so we head back to the now closed bakery. Even the store front windows are curtained over so you can't see inside. Uncle unlocks the door and we walk in. He then says...choose what ever u want for desert and anything to bring home with you...please take as much as u want..we have to refill the shelves with fresh stuff ...and IT'S ON THE HOUSE...

OMG! OMG! OMG! that moment I realized I was living one of my fantasies of being locked in a bakery hehe. I took in all the scrumptious pasteries, studdles, butter tarts, brownies, nanimo bars and so on and so on and so my body wanted to go into sugar shock just looking at it my mouth watered like a starving man at a buffet. Visions of sugar plum fairies dancing in my brain as my pupils dialated enough to get a focus of Chris' face for reasurance to see him just grinning at me from ear to ear cause he totally understood and saying with his eyes...GO FOR IT...and the other thought..unspoken was,,,,you brought your pills right?

Let me reasure you all that although I could have seriously gotten naked and roled in all that stuff with glee. I infact conducted myself with class and decorum. I ate two different things there as my uncle is piling stuff in a huge paper bag for us to take home. Some of this, that, and more those there with a side of try these. Earlier when I was trying to purchase was some nanimo bars...well he gave me the whole tray to take home...OMG IT WAS CHRISTMAS I TELL YA!!!!!

I thought I had died and gone to heaven...even checked for a pulse... it was beating alright....and my pancreas was in overdrive preparing for what it just witnessed.

So in closing, we had baked goods for days after. It was all delightfull but honestly just being there at that moment was a FANTASY LIVED!

PS...During my whole vacation, didn't lose an onze of weight...but...I DIDN'T GAIN ANY EITHER HEHE
PSS...In all though to date I have lost 40lbs


Rae said...

Your dad punched a guy in the kitchen?
(exactly what part of the body is "the kitchen"? lmfao) ;)

I want to go on vacation with you the next time you go there!!
actually Raistlan said that first but I completely agree with him...

I'm first in the envious fat chick line.... everyone else line up behind me... >:)

I was drooling just at the thought of the closed bakery and maybe having some desserts... but the whole "take what you want its on the house"... omg
I would have fallen over dead... but man I woulda died smiling... and if I didn't die at that point I would have later after stuffing my face to the point of death... LOL
You're the Queen!

All hail the Queen of the Fat Chicks!!
(ok that last bit was a bit out of

Shannon said...

My eyes are currently glazed over and I can feel myself tipping over into a diabetic emergency at this very moment!

Evil bitch!

Anna said...

Can you adopt me...I want an uncle and an aunt that have a bakery.

Better yet...can Rae and Raistlan, Shan and Ran and John and I all go for a visit? Maybe the wedding should be there ;)

...and your dad is a handsome fellow even now.

Congrats on 40 pounds sexy thang

lab munkay said...

Moon, 40 pounds. CONGRADULATIONS!!(Um the is the exact number of pounds more I weighed when I worked in a bakery/pizza shop.Miracule I never overdosed on the cane.)

Rae said...

you can't have a wedding in a bakery... especially if there is going to be fat chicks in attendance... they wouldn't pay attention to the ceremony... they would eat all the baked goods... people would get upset when the fat chicks get naked and start rolling around in pastries... oh what a mess it would be ;) :P

Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing me this Moonie, and knowing I'm so close to this bakery. Makes me want to visit Gravelbourg very soon!!! I will be sure to let them know how I heard of them...small world, eh!!
Thanks Again,