Monday, November 14, 2005


This past week has been full of changes. Let me start with the good stuff. Oh's ALL good stuff.

Two months ago I finally made the decision to ask for a displacement for Martin. He is the border/client I have had for 10 years. He is high functioning unlike our blind Luc that I have previously written about but he has other traits that are difficult to deal with. As much as Luc can be physically tirering , Martin is mentally draining. He has major attitude problems, lies, manipulates anyone who can or will be munipulated etc etc....I began to realize as hard as Luc was to care for, atleast he was easier on my mental state by not talking back or trying to cause problems all the time. Also after 10 years I think Martin can gain as much as I can in making a change. Hense , asking for a displacement.....I gave them till the end of Nov. to find another place. I had the intention of using the empty room during the xmas season for Chris' children who are coming here from Paris for 3 weeks. This past week we got confirmation of a new place and he liked it when he did a visit. I was called to arrange the moving day. Martin moved last friday..I have to say as much of a relief as it was, it also pinched my heart after having him 10 yrs.

In that same convo about moving Martin, they offered me a new client to fill the soon to be empty, room.

I was surprised they had someone and explained that I had planned to reopen the room for a client in January only. They told me who the client was and that it couldn,t wait till january if I was interested. Well, I knew the client from a friend of mine having cared for him in the past. He is a great client. High functioning, very helpful, good appearance, clean and organised and happy. He can be abit difficult to understand because of a speech impediment but it will just takes time to get used to his speaking.

He came to visit our house today with his caseworker. We got on great so he is ready to move in on Thursday. YAY! We are putting a fresh coat of paint in the room tomorrow to make it all ready for our new guy.

The last but most important of our changes this week came in the form of an envelope. As many know, it took Chris 3 years to get a divorse but even with that done here, it still needed to be recognised in his country of France. It took mailing a bunch of requests to different offices in france for different documents to complile what was needed to finally sent it all to another office. THEN WAIT. and WAIT and WAIT till we got a document saying they RECOGNISED HIS France. THAT is the envelope we recieved!!!!! Now we can finally set a date to get married. If all goes well, and Chris can get time off , we would like to marry on June 9th or 2006. It's not official yet but I would love that date. It was the date my grand-parents married and they adored eachother till death, it was also date my parents got married and they will hate eachother till death (have been divorsed over 20 yrs now) lol....I figure the good Karma, SKIPS a generation LOL....I am not superstitious but I do think it would be cool to have 3 generations with the same anniversary on the family tree.

Thats all for now...hugs to my friends.


Love said...

The 3 generations Anniversar thing sounds Great! It's sentimental not superstition. I'm praying all works out, for the good. Both sets of my grand=parents stayed married until one died. My parents were divorced for 33 years when he died. I chose to have the same preacher that married them preform my nuptuals. Even if all the couples he'd married in my family were divorced...LOL It could have worked out, but oh well... Take Care

Rae said...

hey I had an envelope arrive in my mailbox as well!!! wow who woulda guessed it... and it came from YOU!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! many changes..All sounds good, I am so happy that you can start planning for the biggest event of your life...Best you, Fran

JustSue said...

That is fabulous news! I bet you and Obie are both very happy that the paperchase is finally over and France now recognises his divorce. A June wedding will be wonderful! Not too hot yet! I am sure you will have a wonderful time arranging it all. My very best wishes to you both!